Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sampling teas from Korea

Recently my friend Ginger in North Carolina e-mailed with an intriguing offer. The mother of a son's classmate gave her some Korean tea to try, and she was willing to share with me if I was interested. Naturally, I was happy to accept her kind offer. Clockwise from left are a packet of Matcha Ginger Latte, some roses and what I think may be chamomile flowers, pumpkin and yam tea sticks, and green tea.

I must say that "Pumpkin and Yam" is a new flavor to me, so I went for this one first. I opened it, poured the powder into a clear glass mug and thought, "Hmm." It smelled a little funky.

I added the amount of boiling water as Ginger had advised, and the result was a thick, creamy looking concoction. I looked. I sniffed. Again I thought, "Hmm." But then, what the heck, I took a sip. Interesting! This really tasted like a pumpkin bisque or broth, and I found myself looking for some saltines to go with it. So though I wouldn't necessarily scarf down this tea as I might a cup of Earl Grey, I did enjoy it in a "soup" kind of way.

The Matcha Ginger Latte was also a nice surprise. I can take matcha only in small doses, but I do like ginger (the tea as well as the tea friend, ha!). Here's what the powdered mix looked like in the glass tea mug.

I added hot water—you could also make it with cold water, the directions said—and whipped it up nice and frothy with a whisk. It didn't have that vegetal taste I associate with matcha, and it had heaps of ginger (you can't over-ginger anything for me), so this was a real hit! The plain green tea was good as well, though not nearly as exotic as these other new treats. Thanks, Ginger, for the new tea tasting experiences!


  1. I must say, Angela, you are quite adventuresome in tasting different teas. Thinking I would probably agree with you on this review.

  2. I'm thinking the same as Marilyn, you're a good sport to try anything tea related.

  3. You are quite welcome. Glad you enjoyed trying new teas.

  4. What an interesting collection of tea samples! The yam sticks are quite amazing!


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