Wednesday, December 10, 2014

American Girl Dolls who enjoy teatime

Our trip to the American Girl Doll Store Monday definitely sent me on a trip down memory lane to the dolls of my youth, dolls like Crissy and Velvet, whose belly buttons you pressed to make their hair grow out, and Dancerina, whose crown you pushed to make her dance the Nutcracker Ballet. There’s always been Barbie for the fashion-minded little girl, but I must confess I have mixed emotions about Barbie. She can never seem to make up her mind whether she wants to be prom queen or an astronaut, and at 55 she really ought to be able to come to a decision. What I like about the American Girl Dolls is that they are just normal American girls, and I absolutely love that they come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Dark hair, light hair, dark skin, light skin, eyes in every color. I noted on Monday you can get a wheelchair for the doll (imagine what that would mean to the little girl who rolls around in one), and there was even a doll on crutches wearing a cast. Some of the dolls represent certain eras in history, such as the first American Girl Doll I ever saw, Samantha, shown here. Although she was discontinued for a while, she’s back and lovely as ever.

And of course her accessories are mighty tempting to me. Samantha is the 1904-era doll, and if I ever get one (which, yes, I am actually considering; what are you laughing at?), this is the doll I’d want.

But then I discovered the Rebecca doll and fell in love with her too once I saw some of her accessories!

This sideboard was just adorable, and I certainly give the American Girl designers points for the box of Orange Pekoe Ceylon Tea and the teapot! Oh, to be a little girl again ... What dolls do you remember from your girlhood?


  1. I actually have an American Girl doll of my own - one of my best yard sale finds! I bought myself Kirsten along with her pretty blue trunk and a book, for $5! She doesn't have my coloring but I didn't mind. They are beautiful dolls and my granddaughter enjoys playing with her, too.

  2. Love this sweet post!

    My eldest daughter was given one AG doll when she was little, Samantha, and she still has it. She didn't get many accessories because of the price, but we made things for her, etc. My youngest daughter NEVER EVER played with dolls. She was and still is a tomboy.

    As for me, I didn't play with baby dolls at all, but had (still have) 4 Barbies. I played at my girlfriends house with the others - Crissy, Tressie, and baby dolls.

    It's funny because I have now about a half dozen beautiful porcelain dolls I have acquired through auctions that I haven't given much thought about. I should probably list them in the shop so someone can love them as they deserve.

    I *do* have a couple gorgeous dollhouses - but no dolls in them, it's all about the decorating, haha.
    One of these days I will blog post about them, funny after this long I haven't. Never enough TIME is there?

    Fun post, got me strolling through memory lane. Hugs.

  3. I take my niece there and picked her up a pair of twins and a dog as well as some clothes. Such lovely dolls. My sister gave me a mini doll like the size of a Barbie of Molly as she said she reminded her of me as a kid. So fun. I have an old doll collection (porcelain mostly, and a few Anne of Green Gables ones) that I love.

  4. I too love the point about the dolls being of every color skin or eyes, and hair. You can pick one to most match the special little child. But, I am a big girl now and would be happy with any one of these dolls myself. :) Love your post and pictures. I never want to grow up...

  5. The dolls I had as a child were a Madame Alexander, Shirley Temple, a Ginny doll, and of course, a Barbie.
    Being the lover of all things Victorian, I bought myself Samantha when I heard she was being discontinued. Since then I've collected piece of furniture for her at antique stores instead of buying the official AG furniture. And I've also collected all the books in the Samantha series. It's just fun!

  6. I still have some of the dolls from my childhood... Ginny, Saucy Walker and Aieda Ballerina. As an adult, I collect Cabbage Patch Kids. Like my "Kids", American Girl dolls inspire imagination, something so many toys lack these days.
    I've been to the AG store and had tea there too. Think I had as much fun as any of the little girls attending that day! :>)

  7. I just love the accessories too! I would just get some of those and play. I remember when the American Dolls first came out and I fell in love with them. I still have a couple of my dolls tucked away somewhere in storage.

  8. I myself have wanted (but haven't given in yet) a Samantha doll too! Love her dress, long hair and little purse! I look forward to my 2 year old great-niece to visit NYC, buy a doll, and have a tea party! I bet one day soon we may see pictures of your new doll having tea in your home!

  9. The best doll I ever got for Christmas was a homemade Raggedy Ann doll. We had neighbors with the same last name. Their oldest daughter was a year younger than me and we were best friends. Then there was her brother and her little sister. At Christmas, her grandparents drove out to visit and on Christmas Eve they called over and asked me to come over. Jackie's grandmother had made each of us girls Raggedy Ann dolls and a Raggedy Andy for her brother. I still have her and she sits in my studio almost 40 years since I got her.

  10. While we have no little girls in the family I too think American Girl dolls are great. Guess I'll have to wait a long long time for granddaughters. HA HA

  11. I love dolls! I still have my Velvet (in the box) and Mia. My sister had Crissy. I also still have my Dancerina as well as Giggles. Do you remember Mr. Ed? I have a talking hand puppet of him and a talking Beanie Boy too. My Barbies were, and still are, my prized possession. My grandmother made all my Barbie clothes which makes them all the more special. I can remember walking down the hill to her house on Christmas Day and finding all the clothes hanging on her tree. I was three I think, which should tell you what an impression it made on me.

    I still collect dolls from time to time, but it's a little harder to hide the fact that they're for me now that my daughters are grown. Unfortunately, neither of my girls really liked playing with dolls no matter how hard I tried to get them to. I think there were just too many other things going on to entertain them. When I was a child though, dolls and a few other choice toys were it.

    I can definitely see why you'd be tempted to buy the American Girl goodies. I say, "Go for it!" They could be your Christmas gift to you:-).


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