Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Paper products from Christmas Past

A year or so ago I came across a terrific stash of vintage Christmas paper products on eBay. My plan was to use these as artwork in some sort of Christmas book, but since I haven't gotten around to writing one yet I thought I'd share them anyway! I know many of you, like me, appreciate vintage things as much as (if not more than) you do new things. When I see the design of some of these pretty old things, I can't help thinking that maybe, just maybe, the quality was a little nicer back then, as with these festive paper doilies.

These are cocktail size napkins (the smaller ones), and I love the scalloped edges. These would be a good size to go through the handle of a teacup — if I can make myself actually *use* them one day!

I like the pinecones on these napkins, and if you look closely, you can see a little flower design embossed into the napkin. Nice touch!

These were probably designed to be throwaway coasters, but they're padded, and quite lovely! I'm saving these for a future Christmas tea to use with the water glasses.

The editor in me wants to put an "s" at the end of the word "Holiday," although I suppose it's accurate to wish someone a "Happy Holiday" since here that obviously means the Christmas holiday.

Here are more padded coasters, these stamped "Made in England." Love these!

And we end with more scalloped napkins, this time with a touch of gold metallic accents. My question is: Who thought to save these lovely old things that were never designed to last? At any rate, I'm glad they did!


  1. These are indeed treasures! I love the doilies and the scalloped napkins especially.

  2. They too thought them too lovely to use. Will your niece have them someday to save?

  3. They are are very pretty and yes, I do think the quality was nicer back then. ☺

  4. Memories of Christmas past! Love these treasures. So pretty!

  5. I enjoyed seeing the vintage items. I love the details, too. I had a square basket for paper napkins and used to keep all the various ones I had in it, so it was beginning to be a collection of many different designs in the basket. I loved to go through the various napkins and also the coaster size ones and pick out what I was going to use when a guest was there. Not sure where that basket is now, however, I hope I have packed it and I find it after I move again. I have some things I shipped over a year ago to a warehouse and it is probably in there with many years worth of napkins and coasters. Now I am excited to find it again. Merry Christmas

  6. I think things were better quality way back when. I doubt you could find an equivalent today.

  7. I remember going through my mother's things and she had saved vintage paper goods.
    I love the ones you are showing. I used my mother's. Definitely use them.

  8. I love these! Reminds me of my Grandmother and her buffet stand off to the side of the dining table. I can just imagine a bunch of these stashed in there over the years, and eventually, as things do, making their way to an estate sale. Thank you for sharing. I hope you have some ladies over for tea. I was thinking of doing just that in a week or so, and having an after Christmas tea to wind down the season, but give ladies a chance to rest and reflect. Not to mention, to utilize my new Christmas china since the season was to busy to do so with them.

  9. Fun collection of vintage paper!


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