Monday, February 18, 2019

Some thrilling thrifting

Aunt Jane and I hadn't visited the Carrollton Goodwill store in a couple of weeks, so that's where we went on Saturday. Most of the time, Aunt Jane racks up and I do not. This time, the reverse was true.

I never get tired of bargains on old Sandy Lynam Clough items, and this $2.99 print with the "R" on it happened to be in the store on the weekend "Red" items were half off, so yippee, a print for $1.50. (Although it's a little curious to me why they write the "R" for "Red" in yellow, but … whatever.)

And I have for years wanted a pretty way to display my business cards when I'm out speaking about editing or writing, as I will be doing several times this year, and this business card holder was absolutely perfect for me!

And 89 cents? Are you kidding me? I'm almost offended that such a gorgeous piece is less than the price of a plastic doodad down the street at Dollar Tree. ("Almost," I said.)

The painter even signed it, and ironically, I have a character named "Teri," spelled just that way, in my novel coming out this spring. Odd, then, that I would run across this particular item. That bit of serendipity was worth more than 89 cents to me!

My best find, though, was this pretty vintage teapot. As usual, Goodwill had it all covered in clear packaging tape, but I was happy that I removed it to find everything in tip-top shape.

I thought $4.99 was a fine price for this teapot.

Especially for a Sadler. So are you coming across any fun tea finds at the thrift stores in your neck of the woods? I'd love to know!

Friday, February 15, 2019

The Amazon gift card winner is …

Jean at! Congrats, Jean, and thank you to everyone who visited this week. I hope it's been an especially LOVE-ly Valentine's Week for everyone! 💗

"People Having Tea Together"

An old colleague of mine is a historian, and earlier this week, he sent me a link to a site called "Vintage Everyday" that is just delightful. And what is even more delightful is All. These. Photos. Of People Having Tea!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Tea Time magazine goes to …

Mrs. T.! (And how appropriate is that?) I've just emailed Mrs. T. to get her snail mail address and will soon have this issue headed her way. Congrats!

Valentine's Week Giveaway #7

The final tea-themed Valentine I'm sharing this year is a reproduction from the Old Print Factory, a mechanical Valentine I found at an antique shop about fifteen years ago. (When does a reproduction itself become an antique, I wonder?) At any rate, when you lift up the teacup, you'll find …

This lovely lass! Isn't she sweet?
And for our final giveaway of Valentine's Week, I decided one of you can select your own gift (tea? teatime gadget? tea cookbook?) with this $15 e-gift card from If you'd like to win it, just leave an "Enter me" to this post between now and 7 a.m. EST on Friday, February 15 (making sure to leave an email address or some way for me to contact you if you're the winner), and you'll be entered to win. US only, please. Good luck, and Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The heart-shaped teaspoon infuser goes to …

Brenda S.! And I've just emailed Brenda to get her snail mail address, so hopefully she'll soon be preparing tea with her pretty new infuser spoon. Congrats!

Valentine's Week Giveaway #6

While adding to my collection of tea-themed vintage Valentines over the years, I've found that "waitress" Valentines often have teapots in them, since apparently a pot of tea was a more common beverage order years ago.

This card is signed but appears to have had part of the paper on the back removed, possibly from a price sticker at one time being on the back. But if I'm reading it correctly, it says Wanda Lawson, maybe? Can you tell?

And since I know not everyone subscribes to Tea Time magazine, today I'm giving away a copy of the March/April 2019 issue, the annual British issue, which is lovely as always. If you'd like to win it, just leave an "Enter me" to this post between now and 7 a.m. EST on Thursday, February 14 (making sure to leave an email address or some way for me to contact you if you're the winner), and you'll be entered to win. US only, please. Good luck!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The Twinings tea winner is …

Sherry R.! And I've just sent her an email so I can get her snail mail address and get this tea headed her way. Congrats!

Valentine's Week Giveaway #5

While collecting tea-themed vintage Valentines over the years, I've discovered lots of whimsical Valentines for children, and I love them, but occasionally I've found an actual tea-themed Valentine's greeting card, and this one is just so charming. I love that this was sent to someone's parents, and it's made of a thin paper that makes me think it may be quite old.

This card is undated, but I learned from the inside signature that it was sent by "Claribel," and that tells me that it's been a few years since Claribel gave it to her parents. I miss being able to send a Valentine's card to my late mother each year, but I still send cards to Daddy and Aunt Jane on Valentine's Day, because who doesn't enjoy a little reminder that they are loved?

And for today's "lovely" little giveaway item, I'm offering something that should be in every tea lover's cabinet, a heart-shaped tea infuser spoon. If you'd like to win it, just leave an "Enter me" to this post between now and 7 a.m. EST on Wednesday, February 13 (making sure to leave an email address or some way for me to contact you if you're the winner), and you'll be entered to win. Good luck!

Monday, February 11, 2019

The cookbook winner is ...

Susan B. in North Carolina, and I’ve just sent you an email so I can get your mailing address and get this book headed your way. Congrats!
My Valentine's Week giveaways continue through Thursday, so if you're just now discovering them, please join in! Each day, I share one of my vintage Valentine's Day cards and offer a small tea-themed giveaway. Now this Valentine's postcard makes me smile, and it is the perfect sentiment for warding off any suitors one is not wild about. This gentleman says, "Oh will you be my cup of tea, And let me be your spoon?" He looks rather cocky, and while the lady is smiling politely, do you see where she's pouring the tea?

The card was mailed in 1905, which kind of makes me want to add, "Women: Putting men in their place since 1905!" (Don't tell my husband I said that. Ha!)

For today's giveaway, I found on Amazon this attractively packaged blend that I have tried and enjoyed before, a berry blend of Twinings herbal tea. If you'd like to win, just leave an "Enter me" to this post between now and 7 a.m. EST on Tuesday, February 12 (making sure to leave an email address or some way for me to contact you if you're the winner), and you'll be entered to win. Good luck!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

The winner of the stickers is …

Sandie who is crazy about quilts! And I've just sent her a quick email before I head off to church so that I can get her snail mail address and get these headed her way. Hope everyone has a great Sunday!

Valentine's Week Giveaway #3

Today I'm sharing another new addition to my collection of tea-themed vintage Valentines, this sweet little giraffe guy. And I'm not tea-sing — isn't he cute?

And of course, it wouldn't be a week of giveaways if I didn't have at least one book in the offerings, so today that will be a copy of the lovely paperback book Afternoon Teas by Valerie Ferguson. If you'd like to be entered to win, just leave an "Enter me" to this post by 7 a.m. EST Monday, February 11, making sure that I have an email address or some way to contact you if you're the winner, and you'll be entered to win. US only, please. Good luck!

Saturday, February 9, 2019

The GWTW tea and bookmark winner is …

Vernona! And I've just sent you an email so I can get your snail mail address and have this package headed your way. Congrats!

Valentine's Week Giveaway #2

One of the newer additions to my tea-themed vintage Valentine collection says, "Dear Teacher, Please be my Valentine!" What little boy wouldn't love a pretty dark-haired teacher pouring him a cup of tea?

And I love how the back of it reads "To Miss Bickle From Marvin Shaw." I have no idea who Miss Bickle was, but don't you love her name?

For our Day Two giveaway, I'm offering some more of the I Love Tea! stickers that were such a hit last year. I've been through a couple of these little sticker booklets already myself and really like them.

They're great for dressing up a letter or package when you know the recipient is someone who enjoys tea. If you'd like to win them, just leave an "Enter Me" to this post by 7 a.m. EST tomorrow, Feb. 10, and you'll be entered to win. As always, please make sure to include an email address or some way that I can contact you if you're the winner. US only, please. Good luck!

Friday, February 8, 2019

Valentine's Week Giveaway #1

It's time to count down the days until Valentine's Day, and as usual, I'll be sharing vintage Valentines from my personal collection and offering a small tea-related giveaway each day from now through February 14, so feel free to play along! Today's Valentine is a cute Valentine postcard I found, and I love the pretty roses on the front too.

But this card was sent to a man, Mr. John McKenzie, and not a woman. And it's "From A Friend, Guess Who." Do you think John knew who the sender was? I sure hope so!

I know a lot of us love Gone With the Wind, so I decided to share some of my new India Wilkes blend tea from Adagio teas as one of this year's Valentine's Week giveaways. These small tins are perfect for sharing, and I'm so glad I caught them on sale at Ollie's a while back. They also give me another excuse to use tea stickers.

And along with the tin of tea, I'm offering a GWTW bookmark from the Alicia Rhett tea, a collectible from the 70th anniversary celebration. (Gone With the Wind the movie turns 80 this year, incredibly enough!)

Here's a detail of the bookmark. If you'd like to be entered to win the tea and bookmark, just leave an "Enter me" to this post between now and 7 a.m. Saturday, February 9, and you'll be entered to win. (US only, please.) Good luck!

India Wilkes Tea from Adagio

As I conclude my week of posts about the recent Alicia Rhett Tribute Tea in Lone Oak, Ga., honoring the actress and artist who appeared as India Wilkes in Gone With the Wind, I wanted to be sure to share some information on the wonderful tea we enjoyed at the event, the India Wilkes fan blend from Adagio Teas. In addition to serving this tea, organizers also offered a large tin of the tea as one of the silent auction items, and I was so pleased that I had the winning bid.

This India Wilkes tea is a blend of their Blackberry, Cream, and Assam Melody teas, accented with cornflowers. It's a wonderful brisk tea with a lovely and almost sweet taste, and I've been happily sipping it all week long. And you know, I just might be willing to share some with a friend sometime soon…

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The Alicia Rhett Tribute Tea celebrating "Gone With the Wind" - Part Two

Isn't it funny how what we remember most about a tea is the people we enjoyed it with? On Saturday, I had so much fun  catching up with my old colleague Winston, and I also enjoyed meeting local artist Nita McFarlin, whose fur-trimmed jacket just made me smile! (My friend Lynn Stanier also attended the tea and has kindly allowed me to use some of her photos from the event.)

The drop-style scones were delicious, and the raspberry jam made by a member of the church was some of the best jam I've ever had. It's the first time I ever remember going back for seconds on the jam at a tea! At right are some of the sweets, including the Danish wedding cookies and the shortbread cookies.

Handcrafted serving trays were called into service and provided the perfect touch for the pimiento cheese triangles and the tiny cucumber sandwiches (I ate three cucumber sandwiches, always my favorites!).

Each attendee received a goodie bag with lots of great treats, and we also got a commemorative booklet and a copy of the menu for the tea.

Here's a fun picture Lynn took of Terry Lynn Crane sharing about her late husband, Fred Crane, who played Brent Tarleton in Gone With the Wind.

Here Terry Lynn visits with a GWTW fan after the tea. Do you see all those collectible GWTW pins on her denim jacket?

And check out the back of the jacket!

I failed to get photos of our desserts, individual slices of some delicious buttermilk pie and coconut pie, but I did manage to get a copy of the cookbook containing the recipes, Fiddle Dee Dee Recipes: A Taste of "Gone With the Wind" by Terry Lynn Crane. (Copies are available here.)

And Terry Lynn graciously signed it for me afterward, so now I have a wonderful memento of the time I took tea with the wife of a movie star from Gone With the Wind!

Monday, February 4, 2019

The Alicia Rhett Tribute Tea celebrating "Gone With the Wind" - Part One

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of serving as a hat contest judge at the Alicia Rhett Tribute Tea at the Lone Oak Community Center in Lone Oak, Georgia. Held as a tribute to the actress who played India Wilkes in Gone With the Wind, the tea was a benefit for Allen-Lee Memorial United Methodist Church in Lone Oak, Georgia, the church attended by my friend and former colleague Winston. The tea's proceeds are being used to make the 1840s-era Allen-Lee handicapped accessible, so I was pleased to help (I made teapot-shaped shortbread cookies), and the tea was sold out and resulted in a packed community center. One of the highlights of the day for me was getting to know my fellow hat contest judge, Terry Lynn Crane, above. Her late husband, Fred Crane, spoke the first lines of GWTW and appeared as Brent Tarleton, one of Scarlett O'Hara's suitors in the film's opening scene (click here and you'll see Fred at left). Fred was quite handsome even when he passed at age 90 in 2008, and Terry Lynn pulled out her phone and showed me lots of photos of a still-dashing Fred in his later years.

We made a great judging team and immediately agreed on the top three winners in both the costume contest and the hat contest. The first two ladies in this photo won the hat and costume contests, respectively.

There was also a silent auction at the event, and I bid on and won the delicious India Wilkes fan blend tea from Adagio, which was actually the tea served at the event (more on that later in the week).

Terry Lynn won the blue pitcher …

And a lot of GWTW fans went home happy with a great array of memorabilia they won.

The actress who played India Wilkes, Alicia Rhett, appeared in only one movie, GWTW, and she later made a name for herself as an artist. When I was a young newspaper reporter in the late eighties, my friend Winston  and his wife, Lynn, were excited about traveling to Charleston so Alicia Rhett could create pastels of their daughters, Sallie and Jane. I was surprised to find that they still have the actual dress Sallie wore, shown here on display at the tea next to the Alicia Rhett portrait of Sallie. (They may have Jane's dress as well, but she lives in California now and wasn't at the tea.) I've always thought this was so amazing, because how many people have portraits of their daughters that were created by an actress in Gone With the Wind!

Here are Sallie and her own daughters, Quinn (who was a little bashful) and Clair Lynn. Fun to see them as the little girls that I once knew their mom and aunt to be!

Other artwork displayed at the tea included this lovely painting by local artist Nita McFarlin, whose son is the pastor of Allen-Lee UMC.

And Mrs. McFarlin also painted this portrait of Scarlett O'Hara at what many agree would have been much more likely to be the real-life Tara than the grand mansion that Hollywood created for the movie. 

Coming Wednesday: More scenes from the Alicia Rhett Tribute Tea … and a bit of Fiddle-Dee-Dee!