Friday, December 19, 2014

A last-minute baking tip

Years ago I read a quilting magazine with a column by someone who called herself "The Goddess of the Last Minute." As a last-minute kind of girl myself, I could appreciate that sentiment. One day this week, I set aside a few hours to bake Christmas treats for some business clients. I was going to use some rectangular mini loaf pans, but at the last minute I discovered that I do not in fact own any mini loaf pans. I thought I did, but what I had was mini loaf pans shaped like Christmas trees, which is not what I had in mind. Then I remembered finding this Nordic Ware Christmas pan on clearance earlier this year. It would have to do. I had loaves of Cranberry Tea Bread to bake!

The mini loaves came out beautifully, but they sort of wobbled on the bottom because of that raised design featuring a bow, snowman, Santa, candy cane, etc. "If only I could cover up that indention," I thought, and then I realized I could! I simply snipped off pieces of parchment paper, plopped them into the pan as shown here, and voila, flat-bottomed mini loaves could be made in this pan. I was so proud of my solution to this latest baking blunder, I thought it was worth sharing here!


  1. I like the designs in the bottom of this pan. I have a set of 6 mini loaf pans I use for gift giving.

  2. Good tip! Checked your link for the recipe, which sounds delish, and wonder if baking time is reduced when making the smaller loaves?

  3. And the pan makes such pretty loaves.

  4. Thanks so much for this tip. I have this same pan and am always disappointed with the look of my little cakes. You have just saved the pan from being chucked.


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