Friday, November 14, 2008

Tea & Tags

I had the best time last night! It had its start one afternoon last summer when I went to visit my friend Liz at her shop in Senoia, Cydney's Alley, and we worked on making collage-style Christmas tags. Several of the customers asked about them as we worked behind the counter that day, so Liz decided to see if there was interest in others joining us for a little tag-making session one night. We settled on Nov. 13, and five women signed up. I already knew Sharon who, like Liz, is a longtime friend I met at church, and I had also met Liz's fellow shop owner Ann, who owns Beyond the Door, another great gift shop in Senoia. The other ladies were Marita, Mary and Jeni, and I liked them immediately when several of them complimented my scones! I like to turn any gathering into an impromptu tea party if at all possible.

Now as I told them, I am really not a teacher and not a professional crafter, but I do like to play around with paper crafts. So basically, we just shared a bunch of supplies, laid out the sample tags Liz and I had made, and the ladies had at it. I was happy to see Marita enjoying the teatime punch I blogged about recently.

In the course of the evening's chatter, I learned that Beyond the Door will be hosting a mixed media painting class on Dec. 2, and Liz and I signed up. Turns out we both have had a hankering to paint but have zero talent in this area, and beginners are welcome. (Do I have to even tell you what I hope my subject matter will be?)

In addition to getting to share some tea and scones and make new friends, I also got some new ideas for tags of my own from these ladies. I'll end with a few of their mini-masterpieces in case you'd like to pull out those unused scrapbooking supplies and make a few of your own.

Oh wait, one more story. When I first got to the shop, I was standing there talking to Liz with my back to the front door and some piece of furniture obscuring my view of the door. I heard the by now familiar sound of a customer entering, and I saw Liz literally jump. "Oh myyyyy," she said. And then, "It's Abraham Lincoln." Now, Liz has a flair for the dramatic, so I thought My word, what is it this time? Well, it was this fellow ...

who is in town from Michigan, giving talks and selling photos of himself in character as, yes, Abe Lincoln!


  1. You all are so talented! Those tags are just beautiful.

  2. Sounds like a delightful evening. The tags are very pretty. I had a similar night out recently to make Christmas cards. Several ladies got together and designed a card and then made ten the same. We shared our creations and all went home with a variety of handmade cards.

    The painting class at Beyond the Door sounds like fun. I did tole painting on wood years ago (with acrylic paint) and have also dabbled in watercolor. I'm sure you will enjoy the class.

  3. That sounds like a fun evening! Wish I lived close enough to participate! Best wishes.

  4. Bernideen's TeaTime BlogNovember 15, 2008 at 2:22 PM


    I think you just INSPIRED ME.. I have never done this but looks like such fun and very creative!

  5. How wonderful to find the blog of another tea lover! Have enjoyed a good read and yes please keep on with pics and reviews on tea mags as I haven't seen them in Australia. Loved your tags and I agree any gathering is anexcuse for a teaparty!

  6. It looks like you girls had a good time. I love making crafts with my friends! Beyond the door is the coolest store ever! I just featured them in my blog. You'll have to check it out,
    Count me in if you'd like some new friends to join you crafting!! By the way I am a local, just outside of Senoia


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