Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nov/Dec 2008 Tea Time Magazine

To my great surprise, magazines about topics other than news and politics have been published within the last month. One of them, the cover of which is particularly lovely, is Tea Time. I have been pondering whether or not I'm wasting your time when I occasionally mention the Big Two tea magazines (this one and Tea A Magazine). But what if some of us *don't* get each issue? Wouldn't it be helpful to know which ones are the standouts? So you will see that at right, I have my first-ever poll up on the blog. (A poll! I'm going through election withdrawal!) But if you'd answer it, I'd be much obliged and know whether or not it's useful for me to blog about the tea magazines.

Isn't this cover pretty? I may be tired of all-white home decor, but I'm not tired of an all-white tablescape. Anyone doing a table for one of those church dinners or teas? (BTW, I do hope you all saw the gorgeous photos that Linda at Friendship Tea recently posted of her church's fundraiser tea. Stunning!)

Although I have every issue of Tea Time and would probably buy it no matter what, some of the issues had started looking the same, and I thought I was seeing some recycled recipes. This one, though, features six recipes made with vanilla beans (including that elegant cake on the cover), a delightful menu in honor of Jane Austen, a Black Forest Trifle served up in cute individual glasses and more. It's really worth seeking out if you haven't already gotten it.


  1. Posts about tea magazines are how I came to your blog! I was wondering if there were any good ones out there, and then I found your series where you reviewed different titles.

    The only disappointing thing about reading these posts is that I never know where to get an issue. I've looked several places around town, and still haven't found a place that sells a single tea magazine. Do you find them at Borders? At tea shops? Maybe tea isn't big enough here.

  2. Even though I get these magazines, it is helpful when you highlight certain parts. I don't always get the chance to read all of them. So I make an extra effort when you highlight something. Thank you! :)

  3. Melanie, here in Newnan (Ga.) I have found both the tea magazines at Hastings and Barnes and Noble, and Tea Time is available at Publix grocery stores. When I go to Atlanta, I see both of them at all Barnes and Noble and Borders stores. I actually subscribe to Tea A Magazine but prefer to purchase Tea Time off the rack because Hoffman Media was unable to ever get my subscription right. (I hear that a LOT about their publications, BTW.) They kept sending me two old issues I already had, and I just don't see any sense in paying for that!

  4. I'm sold! Off to the store this weekend. (I don't subscribe, but I pick one up from time to time. I should probably just subscribe!)

  5. I receive Tea Time as a gift from a blog reader.

    I love it but I found the very same thing you did, they seemed to be repeating themselves (if not exactly, then very similar dishes).

    I am sending this issue to my daughter since she is having a Christmas tea in December.

  6. I enjoy your magazine reviews because I rarely buy either of those title anymore. You are right, the cover of this one is particularly lovely. And on another topic, thanks so much for visiting my blog! I always appreciate your thoughtful comments.

  7. The Tea Time Holidays cover is pretty. I also enjoy my subscription and wouldn't give it up. I don't subscribe to Tea A Magazine and have never been able to find it at any of the stores I frequent. It is nice to read about some of their articles on your blog.

    I recently picked up a copy of Holiday Celebrations magazine (a Hoffman Media publication). It has lots of great teatime recipes and lovely tablescapes. I can't wait to try the white chocolate peppermint scones, green tea-infused deviled eggs and honey scones with cranberry curd, to mention a few.

    I think that this magazine would be a great help to anyone planning a holiday tea.

  8. Until they are gone...we sell through on all issues of Tea Time...
    I take one myself and cut it up to file the articles and then I save one!
    It is the very best. I also bought the publication Partea Lady speaks of and it is great! (grocery store)

  9. Thanks for mentioning the photos on my blog of our fundraiser tea. I was very pleased eith the participation of table hostesses and the different themes.
    I subscribe to both these magazines. A basic difference, in my opinion, is that Pearl Dexter at TEA a Magazine really knows TEA. While Tea Time by Hoffman Media is great at showing ideas, recipes and beautiful for entertaining and table decorating, in my opinion, they don't know TEA. One of my big gripes is when they have a photo of tea being served from a coffee server.

  10. I had not even heard about either magazine until a couple months ago, when I happened to run across Tea Time in my local grocery store. Some addresses in that issue prompted me to do some further web searching and led me to your blog.

    That is a lovely cover, and I might see if my Kroger has that issue.

  11. I am not a white cake lover but that cake sure looks yummy. I am going to have to check out the tea magazine. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Don't change a thing! I love your blog just the way it is! This particular cover is a beauty too, gotta run out and get it!


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