Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oh, Christmas Tea ...

The Hallmark store. On Bullsboro Drive. Saturday. $12.95. (But I had a $5 off coupon, so mine was just $7.95.)

That's probably all I need to say, right? You know, I really *do* try to develop sales resistance during the holidays, but man, it is hard when they come out with so much cute stuff. Already I have bypassed a pen I loved, an antique tea set that was a steal, and of course more than a few pieces of holiday china I don't need and don't have room for but would love to have. But this tea mug?

I was looking for some particular gifts, had zipped down an aisle and was quickly rounding a corner, and then my subconscious kicked in. "Tea? Did that mug say tea? No, surely not. It must've said Christmas TREE. Right?" Well, you see what it says and you surely understand why I had to have it. Now I have a rule that I don't use Christmas china 'til the day after Thanksgiving at the earliest, and I started to wait 'til Friday to share this. But Hallmark had only a few of these on the shelf and I have a feeling some of you may want one. And unless you're shopping for others, I suggest you try not to look around too much because they have lots to like this year.


  1. Oh! Cute! I was in Hallmark on Saturday with Tony and picked up a couple of tea-related Christmas gifts (I'm posting about them on Friday) but I didn't see this! I'll have to go back and look around. Thanks for spotting this - it's too cute!

  2. Must have! Now I'll be searching feverishly for this before they run out - got my list of local Hallmarks. . . thank you for sharing this darling mug! I hope to find one. I always have a travel mug at hand - with tea in it! I had looked at Christmas travel mugs at Kohls and turned them down for they weren't what I really wanted, even at $4.95. Now THIS is perfect!


  3. I love Hallmark but we don't have one any more. Too many larger stores are taking over and it's too bad because I could always find the unique gift there. You had some great luck!


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