Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A tea lover becomes President

Well, the presidential election didn't turn out the way I wanted, but in the midst of my philosophical despair (or bummed-outness, to be more precise), I can find several things to be thankful for:

1. It is OVER!

2. We have now elected our first African-American president. Born into white skin, I know I can't fully fathom what this means to blacks. I had lunch with a very liberal friend last week who is a few years older than I. She never expected to be able to vote for a black or a woman for president. I never questioned that I would be able to do both. That was a non-issue, to my way of thinking. I just expected our first black president to be a conservative!

3. Sasha and Malia get that puppy they've been waiting for! (And whatever political differences I have with their father, he certainly seems to be a wonderful family man.) It's going to be fun to see cute little kids in the White House again.

4. I must begrudgingly admit, Barack Obama was clearly the best candidate for a tea lover. It is well known that he has a fondness for green tea, which everyone knows is good for your health and, according to at least one researcher I heard last year, your smarts. I was a little concerned when, in "Dreams of My Father," he referred to the tea POT whistling and not the tea KETTLE, but then he's a man and may not be quite as aware of the distinction.

So, thank you all for putting up with me on the political tangents this week. Congratulations to those of you whose candidate won. And as a Christian, I am also reminded it is my duty to pray for President-elect Obama, which I am doing. I pray for his blessing, his wisdom and his protection. And I'll end today with a great quote from Peter Robinson on National Review. He said, "We could've been born Saudis or Kenyans or Chinese ... but we got unbelievably lucky, unbelievably blessed. When you're born American, every day should be Thanksgiving. So on we go." Amen!


  1. When there was no 7:00 post from you this morning, I figured you had a new nephew!

    There's one more reason I'm glad Obama was elected, and that is that he gets the opportunity to show us what he means by change. In a few years we should know if we like it or not, but at least we will have given it a try.

    P.S. Nat. Review is part of my daily reading, but I haven't seen that quote yet. I'll check it out today during lunch!

  2. Amen, indeed. I can feel excitement in the air again - and it's a good feeling. He's got a tough job ahead as we all have such high expectations. How WONDERFUL to be an American!

  3. I feel your pain and am sorely disappointed but as you, being a Christian and believing that we are to pray for our leaders I will, and will sit quietly tonight sipping a strong cup of tea and wonder where our party goes from here. Congratulations President Elect-Barak Obama and to the ones who fought to get you there and may God bless the USA.

  4. Angela, that was beautifully said. I too voted for the other candidate, and am feeling a bit bummed this morning over the election results. But I thank you for reminding me that as Christians, we are to pray for those in charge, and to ask our Heavenly Father to lead and guide them in all that they do and give them wisdom for the task. May God bless America and may She continue to be the "land of the free and the home of the brave" no matter which poliltical party reigns. Because....there is only ONE who truly reigns!

  5. I like your attitude, Angela. Finding something to be thankful for in all situations is good for the soul. Thanks ladies for all the great comments.

  6. Here, here, great post. Amen for every day I wake up in this country with the freedoms I try not to take for granted.

  7. Well said indeed! I appreciate your attitude of prayer, as Obama is going to need all the prayers we can send his way.

    Personally I am thrilled with the outcome. And I didn't even know he was a green tea drinker.

  8. What a good blog!! You see the glass as half full, and I believe life is a more joyful experience for those who do. I join you in pray for our new President.

  9. I appreciate your spirit of community and goodwill!


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