Friday, May 22, 2015

You are cordially invited to … tea on the porch in Senoia!

The lovely lady at right in this photo from last summer, my dear friend Nancy Roy, asked me to share with you tea friends that she would love to have you attend the Senoia Area Historical Society (SAHS) Tea on the Porch on June 20, 2015, to be held at Dub and Mary Pearman's charming historic home in Senoia. I am once again serving as a judge for the hat contest, so I will be there and would love to see any of you who might be able to attend. Dub, above at left, is president of the SAHS, and he and his wife are some of the most gracious hosts you will ever meet!

And here is Mrs. Dub, Mary Pearman, at left, along with SAHS Museum Director Maureen Schuyler. Last weekend when I spoke on tea at the Newnan-Coweta Historical Society (we love history here in Coweta County), I was surprised and delighted when both Mary and Maureen came to my talk. In fact, when I first saw them walk in, I couldn't quite believe it was the two of them and thought wow, those two ladies look just like Mary and Maureen from over in Senoia. Since they've heard me give a tea talk before, I was so touched that they came to Newnan for my talk. I will attend their tea parties any time!

Not to mention, I know there will again be beautiful teawares …

Lovely arrangements on the tables …

A Hat Contest with some charming entries …

And some of the yummiest teatime fare imaginable! This year's Tea on the Porch will also celebrate the life of Mary A. Brown, entrepreneur, who operated the first bed and breakfast inn in Coweta County, the Culpepper House on Broad Street in Senoia. Mary was also a dedicated member of the historical society and hosted its first tea at the Culpepper House. For reservations or more information on the tea, please call Nancy Roy at 770-599-6321 or e-mail her at


  1. I remember your write-up of this event last year, and I'm sure this one will be equally enjoyable. I don't know that I'll be able to get down to your area then, but it is nice to be invited! :-)

  2. This looks like an extra special event!

  3. Wish I could come tooo.........looks very pretty!

  4. If I only lived closer to you, dear friend! This sounds like such a great time!


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