Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"Steeped in Evil" by Laura Childs

Last week, I got all caught up on the books I was reviewing, editing, and writing, and I had time to actually read a novel that I wasn't being paid to tinker with. So what did I choose but the 2014 release "Steeped in Evil" by Laura Childs! I've clearly been too busy over the past year, because this was the first tea shop mystery I did not read within days of its release. In fact, it wasn't until I saw a new tea shop mystery was coming out this month ("Ming Tea Murder," anyone read it yet?) that I realized I was one book behind.

"Steeped in Evil" brings wine into the mix by having the murder occur at a wine tasting that Theodosia and Drayton attend. I thought it was an interesting twist to have a different beverage featured so prominently in the book, although tea still has, rightfully, a starring role. At first I thought the detective we love to hate, Burt Tidwell, was going to be MIA from this particular adventure, but he indeed has a place in the story. I was surprised to realize how much I was missing him before he appeared. The suspense builds and the identity of the killer remains unknown until the night of the Art Crawl Ball, and there's definitely more of an action-packed conclusion than ever before!

I enjoyed reading about Theodosia's new boyfriend, Max, and I can't help wondering if a tea shop wedding will take place one day. I'm sure rooting for one—and I can just imagine Delaine helping Theodosia find the absolute perfect gown. And now, I'm all caught up and ready for that next tea shop mystery!


  1. Hmmm, I haven't read this one yet...I'd better get busy!

  2. Enjoyed this book and Ming Tea Murder is out - currently reading the kindle edition.

  3. Angela:
    This is a fun review and I still haven't finished mine. I am in such trouble! Thanks for the "push"!

  4. Not like you to let a Tea Shop Mystery lag behind in your reading schedule - I ordered it for my ereader when it came out last year and will check out the one for this month.
    Light but fun reading aren't they?

  5. I love these books and am almost finished with Ming Tea Murder. Great reads

  6. Hi Angela, This totally reminds me of Susan Branch's Twine Parties (Tea and Wine). Not my thing, but fun comparison. I read somewhere between 6-10 of the original. It's been a long time so my memory is hazy. They all began to feel the same to me, so I stopped reading them. Glad you enjoyed it. Always nice when that happens. :)

  7. This review did make me smile. I have thought of a future wedding.
    I did read this one when it first came out and looking forward to the new one.


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