Friday, May 8, 2015

A new-to-me Nippon tea set

I always love it when I receive "old stuff" as a birthday gift, so I was delighted when my friend Deberah dropped by this week with a gift of this beautiful blue lustreware tea set!

Do any of you know if lustreware is even the correct name for this? I know this style when I see it, and it's almost always in peach instead of blue, but I happen to think this blue set is even prettier!

I'm pretty sure she got it at a yard sale, as that is where she has purchased some of my favorite gifts over the years we've been friends.

The bottom is marked "Nippon," and I'm so pleased to have a three-piece set to add to my growing collection of blue teawares!


  1. How pretty! Great find by Deberah and a lovely gift. I love the blue. Happy Birthday!

  2. Angela, I have always called these pieces blue lustreware. I have my great-grandmother's tea set that looks very much like yours. Mine does have black handles and is coral colored inside. Enjoy yours! ♥

  3. This set is beautiful! Love the blue. What a wonderful gift and special friend. Nancy Carr

  4. So pretty...your fav blue too!

  5. Normally I am not attracted to lusterware, but this blue set is just beautiful.
    What an truly lovely gift.

  6. so pretty - love the sparkle from lusterware!


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