Monday, March 27, 2023

Some teapot jewelry (and a jewelry designer!) that I just love

Two years ago, I was at a book signing in downtown Newnan when a beautiful young woman wearing a gorgeous rhinestone necklace stopped by the table. I asked to take a photo of her necklace, and I learned she was a Ukrainian woman now living and working here in the US, and she is also a jewelry designer! I explained that I write cozy mysteries about a jewelry designer, and before you know it, a mutual friend and I were having tea at the home of Yana and Yegor, and we've been friends ever since. So when she asked if I would help her write a few words of verbiage for an upcoming exhibit of her work as part of an art display titled “Ukraine in Bloom,” I was happy to help. When I got to the event, I wasn’t the only one wearing a "Yana original," as I was wearing a pearly dragonfly pendant-and-earrings set of hers I’d bought at a pop-up shop last year.

It was so fun to see her and Yegor again. Are they not the cutest couple!

I spent some time admiring her work, and before I left, Yana said she had “a little something” for me. The “little something” was this sparkling teapot necklace she'd made for me, with a little "joy" and "love" on the side!

Fashioned on a lush black velvet ribbon, the necklace was tucked inside this beautiful tin that says “Earl Grey Tea” on it! I know that I will treasure both of these items forever.

Here are some of Yana’s jewelry creations on display at the Peachtree City Library.

Her friend Mia was also displaying her artwork, including lots of sunflowers (often used as a symbol of Ukraine), and sales of the art will benefit a family back in Ukraine that has been unable to leave their home near the Russian border.

Last Sunday when getting ready for church, I made sure to choose a dress and other jewelry that would coordinate with my latest (and most favorite) "Yana original." (And I believe this is the only selfie I've ever shared here. I'm much more comfortable sharing shelfies than selfies!) If you like dreamy, romantic jewelry as well, you can see more of Yana's creations at


  1. That's a beautiful crystal teapot necklace that Yana gave you--what a wonderful gift! And thanks for giving us her website address--I just looked at, and there are lots of beautiful pieces on it. The exhibit at the Peachtree City Library looks very interesting, too.

  2. What a beautiful necklace! Your selfie is great! For those of us out of town, does Yana have an online store?

  3. The jewelry is pretty, she's charming! Angela, you look just beautiful ☺️🙏💖

  4. I love, love it! What a special gift. BTW I am putting something in the mail headed your way tomorrow. Just cleaning and thought you would enjoy.

  5. Yana's jewelry is beautiful, and I especially love the necklace she customized for you. I know you're enjoying it.


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