Friday, March 17, 2023

A St. Patrick's Day "shelfie"

I'm probably the last to learn this, but apparently, the new word for pictures of home decor shelf displays is "shelfie" (sort of like "selfie"), and today, I'm sharing some "shelfies" from my St. Paddy's day display in the kitchen!

Having rearranged this poor little cabinet three months in a row now, I have to be honest and tell you it is way too much trouble to pack up china once a month, fun though it may be to rearrange things, so this is the last shelfie you'll see here for a while. One of the only new things I bought for it was this little shamrock-shaped ceramic planter from Kroger, which I think looks rather vintage! (Say a prayer for the plant inside.)

Still, when I read somewhere to "shop your home" for decor, I remember thinking, well, I just don't have very many green things to "shop" from. But then I looked around and remembered a few teapots with green in them, an adorable carnation-filled "egg" from my tea friend Michele years ago that had pretty green leaves, some Depression glass sherbets, a Jadeite cake plate I got on clearance after Christmas, a green butter pat I picked up at an estate sale last year … and it turned out I did have a few green things!

I love to smell this basil plant when I'm near it, although I wish the weather would stay warm so I can get this bit of green in the ground!

And one of my favorite green pieces is this chubby Sadler teapot I found in a junk shop last year. Lord willing, the slow cooker will cooperate today, and by this evening, Alex and I will be enjoying our annual corned-beef-and-cabbage meal. Oh, and I plan to have some Irish Breakfast Tea too! However you spend the day, I hope your St. Patrick's Day is a lovely one!


  1. Your shelf looks lovely! I'm particularly drawn to the teapots (not surprising) but it all works together very harmoniously. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  2. Beautiful Shelfie!! Happy Patrick’s Day! ☘️

  3. Lovely shelfie. I like the addition of the basil.

  4. Delightful shelfie! Thank you and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! xo, V.

  5. Your photo of your basil plant is so realistic that I can almost smell it! You managed to come up with a really pretty St. Patrick's Day shelf--congratulations!

  6. It’s hard to top your red and white Christmas cabinet but I love this! We still have snow on the ground here so all of the touches of green are so lovely to see. Wonderful job shopping your house. - Cara


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