Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Why I'm lovin' Lipton!

You know that old saying about having friends in high places? Well, I recently learned that a friend and former colleague is in "high places" in the tea world! Flynn was -- gosh, this makes me sound old -- one of my first Teen Board members when I was the newspaper's lifestyle editor. We looked for young people who were interested in reporting for our Teen Page in the newspaper, and from the day she applied Flynn was always a standout. After she graduated from high school and college, she was hired to join our staff and became the business editor. After a few years of real world experience at the paper, Flynn got accepted to NYU and moved to the Big Apple. She graduated this year with her MBA, and guess who is now an associate brand manager with Unilever and working on the Lipton powdered tea brand? When she e-mailed with the news recently, expecting I would be pleased to hear of the Lipton connection, I immediately wrote back to let her know I'm thrilled at her new job because I'm quite a happy Lipton Tea to Go customer.

Flynn had said she'd have to send me some cool freebies since I'm a fan, but I forgot about it until a big old FedEx box arrived yesterday. First I pulled out a nice, roomy Lipton tote bag! Cool! (Can you guess what I'll be carrying my knitting and quilting around in this fall?)

But there was more: A Lipton flash drive. A Lipton towel. Lipton coasters and puzzle and ... a Rubik's cube. Can you imagine how positively giddy I was as I opened each item? There was a nice promotional booklet that showed some of the newest Lipton products, many of which I've already tried, such as my beloved Green Tea with Mandarin and Mango. But I was pleased to see there's also a new flavor to look for, Raspberry Lime. Flynn sounded quite excited about some of the new projects in the works for this line (there's a big push on the green tea, she says), and I am so completedly tickled that I have a friend who is actually working in the tea world! Rest assured, dear readers, that if Flynn lets me in on any big tea news, you'll be reading it here. I can't wait!


  1. What fun and how nice of your friend to send you all those wonderful goodies! Are we tea obsessed or WHAT? ha ha I was raised on Lipton Instant Tea (iced) and we can thank Lipton for taking on the experimental tea farms here in Charleston, SC many, many years ago.

  2. How exciting! TEA freebies!!! It's great to know that you will keep us posted on all the new happenings at Lipton.
    I am curious to know, however, if that is a brain on the tote bag. If so, what is the significance?

  3. What a neat connection to the tea world!!!

  4. Gerri, I wondered about that "brain" graphic on the tote bag as well, but I'm assuming it's emphasizing tea's health benefits RE alertness, etc. When I googled, I found that an Australian Lipton website has a feature called the "Brain Train," which was pretty interesting to visit.

  5. I'm green with envy!!!!! Can she send any of this to other tea folk? *very big grin*

    Happy for you to have such fun through a past mentoring relationship.


  6. oh, that is just cool! Congrats to Flynn!


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