Thursday, October 2, 2008

Teacup jewelry to Brighton the day

Yesterday it occurred to me that I've been wearing a new necklace for nearly two weeks and haven't stopped to blog about it, and of course that just won't do!

When I'm on vacation as I was two weeks ago, I'll splurge and buy a few things for myself I wouldn't normally buy. (It helps if you are doing this *before* your nation's economy tanks, but I digress.) I visited a well-stocked Brighton Collectibles store in Destin, Fla., and they had a teacup charm I thought was just adorable. You can wear it with the bright enamel side showing ...

... or you can wear it with just the simple silver side showing. Although I got both the charm and a necklace to wear it on, it would be fine to just wear the charm on any silver chain. I've observed that teaPOT jewelry is much more common than teaCUP jewelry, so I was particularly happy to find this little charm. And it was just $8.50, so it's the right price for gift-giving as well. Charming, eh?


  1. That is a pretty teacup charm and necklace. I'm hoping to be near Destin during Thanksgiving week, so I'll look up the Brighton Collectibles store.

  2. That's an adorable teacup charm. I'm always amazed at all the tea-related items you track down...I love them all! (By the way, thanks to your heads-up, I was able to find the Scrabble Mug with all the tea-related words on it at my local TJMaxx, which absolutely made my day!) Thanks again!

  3. Angela that charm is so sweet. The decorations on it looks like a birthday cake! Great find.

  4. Very nice and I love it's versatility!

  5. ohhhh, I just love it! Suh-Weet!

  6. Cute teacup charm! Another great find for you!

  7. I love it! I just today lost my set of keys and the fob was a Brighten teapot with steam - hope to find it at work on Monday!

    I may just have to visit our local Brighten store to see if they have the teacup charm . . .

    You are leading us all down a sTEAp path. . . .


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