Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In honor of the sewing season

With these long evenings spent indoors, I'm starting to pull out some sewing projects and think about Christmas gifts. One night last week, I sewed this really simple Christmas Ball ornament that's going to be in the upcoming issue of the magazine. But just as I did all last fall and winter, I found myself sticking straight pins and needles in the arm of the sofa since I didn't have a pincushion on my end table.

That first Christmas ball came out so nicely, on the way home from visiting my parents this weekend I stopped by Hobby Lobby in Carrollton for more supplies. I always make a point of visiting their clearance displays, and look what I found with a nice markdown!

If there's anything I like better than finding sewing supplies on sale, it's finding sewing supplies on sale that have a tea connection!


  1. That is a really cute pincushion. I'm looking forward to seeing your sewing projects created for the magazine.

  2. Too cool! I love the pin cushion!

  3. Is this a brass finish? When I saw this today, I fell in love but I thought the finish was silver. I checked on ebay (there are no hobby lobby stores in PA) and there is one with a brass finish. Is that the case with yours too?
    Happy crafting!!

  4. Oh, I want that pin cushion. That is just too cute.

  5. Gerri, mine has a silver finish, but they *did* have one more that had a brass finish. Both of them were quite pretty!

  6. I'm a tea lover and a stitching addict lol You're right, nothing better than tea and stitching together (it's my stitching room's theme).

    You have a great blog, congrats!

  7. AH! i am catching up angela, and just spotted this!! me want! :-0

    xox CGS...
    good day and happy november too!!


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