Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Citrus Green Tea Candy

Bali's Best Tea Candy has another flavor. I discovered this brand back in July at World Market and tried the Classic Iced Tea and Green Tea Latte candy flavors. Both were pretty good, and for just $2 a bag it was a great price. I have since found that HomeGoods carries these pretty boxes of the Citrus Green Tea Candy ($2.99), which I think might make a nice little gift for tea friends.

This sage green candy very much reminds me of tea with honey and lemon. The "honey" note is much greater than the "citrus" note, in my opinion, but I like it a lot, perhaps more than the other two Bali's Best candy flavors I've tried.

And one more candy note: Has anyone tried those little pieces of taffy-type candy that are coffee flavored but have a coffeecup/teacup design in the center, kind of like you'd see a Christmas tree design in Brach's Christmas Nougats? Twice I have picked up these adorable coffee candies at a local Books A Million store but then put them back down because, after all, they're coffee flavored. If they were *tea* flavored, of course, I would have already tried them. Maybe the candymaker will hear my plea and give it a shot ...

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