Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tea & Toast - Fall Edition

Don't you love the flavors of fall? From caramel apples and candy corn to sweet potato pie and funnelcakes, I love the new flavors that arrive on the scene each fall. One of my favorite fall foods is the cranberry (I'll be making homemade cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving), and I have to tell you that the new Cranberry Ginger Tea Marmalade I received from Marmalady's last week is simply some of the best stuff ever to be spread on bread. Oh my, is it good! (I also got some of the Apricot Darjeeling Jam, which is every bit as good as I knew it would be, it's just that I so adore cranberries, I was especially impressed with this new flavor. Of course I intend to try all the tea-infused flavors eventually.)

I first tried the cranberry marmalade on toast as an afternoon snack, and I loved both the tangy cranberry plus the zip from the orange peel and the ginger. And this is a minor point, but as a crafter who sometimes saves jars for buttons and such, I like the shape of these glass jars as well. I also feel like I "know" Marilyn since we've "met" here in blogland, and her customer service is awesome. Can't say that about just everybody, you know.

If you're also a fan of ginger, as I am, then you might like a new herbal tea I found last week at Whole Foods, Rishi Tea's Organic Tangerine Ginger. Open the bag and go "ahh," because you'll swear some tiny tea lover just peeled a tangerine right there inside the bag. Enjoy this tea with toast spread with some of Marmalady's famous marmalade, and you have the perfect fall breakfast or snack. Mmmm!


  1. Sounds delicious! Your tea cup & saucer are also very apropros for the drink & season.

  2. I have had the great, good gift of meeting Marmalady and I have this jam, too. It' is MARVELOUS!

  3. Can't remember the last time I just had toast and jam with a cup of tea. I have been thinking about it lately you must have read my mind.

  4. Thanks for the great review of my Marmalady's jams. I am also enjoying the Cranberry Ginger Tea Marmalade.


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