Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Aweighting the right tea item

There are few objets d'art in the tea world that I've looked for at a discount and, between friends, family and regular visits to T.J. Maxx, haven't been able to find. But one item has been on my list for years: a teapot-shaped glass paperweight. I've seen them pretty regularly in catalogs for $25-30, and even though I suppose I could have had one by now, I just thought that was too much for a paperweight.

Homegoods (part of the T.J. Maxx family) has come through once again. When we were there this weekend, I spotted a red and white striped glass paperweight in the shape of a teapot. How much? $5.99, which I by now realized was a fantastic price. Only problem? I just don't much care for red and white stripes on an everyday basis. Then in another location in the store, I found a black and white striped one. Hmmm, were there more?

Indeed yes. So now I'm the happy owner of a rose colored teapot paperweight which I will use at work to waylay all those notes and bits of paper that inevitably pile up, especially the closer I get to deadline. I'm so glad I finally found this at such a good price, and in case it's been on *your* wish list as well, I thought this might be worth sharing!


  1. You have amazing luck at TJ Maxx! After reading about all your finds there, I went yesterday and perused their shelves for tea-related things. But I didn't find anything! I guess I shouldn't have been so disappointed - it is a store where you just get lucky sometimes.

  2. What a clever title. That was a terrific find at that price. I have also admired these teapot paperweights, but haven't found an affordable one yet. I guess I'll just keep checking at Marshalls and Ross.

  3. What a great find! Way to go!

    Your Caramel Apple cookies sound yummy too.

  4. Oh, those are just so gorgeous! I love glass items.

  5. Did you say this was your give-away? Just kidding!

  6. I am coveting your paper-weight! That's a beauty, you lucky girl~


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