Friday, October 10, 2008

Teatime cardcrafting

I've really been getting some use out of that teapot punch lately. My cardmaking skills are very, very basic, so I'm not really experienced enough to do some of the more magnificent cards you see. But simple works well for me, at least for now, and I liked this little notecard enough to use some rose-colored velvet ric rac I'd been saving. I do love the ric rac!

I also like inking the edges of cutout paper, so that's what I did with these three squares containing the cutout teapots. (This card is actually much larger than the first one, by the way. Something about my scan must be off, but at least you get the idea.)

If you really want to see some gorgeous handmade cards, have I got a gal for you. I discovered this talented lady's blog a while back and am just amazed by her cards! They are by far the prettiest, most elaborate, most perfect ones I have ever seen. The one she did Wednesday has coffee cups, but I think that design could probably be used on a teacup card, too. I'm treating this blog as my own personal "tutorial," so maybe some of you will enjoy her "class" as well!


  1. I'd say these are pretty fabulous! I must find one of those punches!

  2. Your cards are absolutely wonderful. I love them!

  3. Your cards are lovely, Angela. I really like your choice of color and creative use of the punch and stamps.


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