Monday, October 20, 2008

Knitting and crocheting teawares

A better woman would have knitted that swatch so the new knitted mug cozy she worked on over the weekend would turn out right, and she could thus share a photo of it with her dear friends in Blogland. Well, guess what? Instead, we are simply going to share the new magazine that contains the pattern.

As a bit of a newbie knitter, I was familiar with the name of designer Debbie Bliss. When I saw there's a new knitting magazine bearing her name, I flipped through it and came across this lovely set of tea cozies for teapots and tea mugs. Don't miss the adorable sweater-shaped egg cup cozies at right. If I were a more advanced knitter I would definitely try those. As it is, I think I'll just work on selecting the right yarn and working that swatch next time. Meanwhile, this issue is on newsstands NOW, so tea-loving knitters, be advised.

I should have tried the crochet project I had on hand instead. Thanks to reader Gerri, I learned the Nov/Dec 2008 issue of Crochet Today has a pattern for this tea set for a child, crocheted in metallic silver thread. I wanted to crochet this before I blogged about it, but over the weekend I realized that if I wait until then, the magazine will probably have disappeared from the newsstand. So, my fellow crocheters, get those hooks and yarns ready for teatime!


  1. Angela,
    A crocheted tea cozy, what a novel idea. Now, if I can only remember how to crochet. Used to be one of my favorite hobbies when I was a teenager. I should get back to it. My mother taught my daughter to knit and I think it is so important to pass these things on.

  2. Thanks so much for finding and sharing this! My mother is a knitter and I got my love of tea from her. She has recently learned to crochet but I am not sure she enjoys it as much or is proficient yet.
    She will be thrilled to know she can knit one!!!
    Maybe if I buy her the magazine, she will knit me a cozy for Christmas!! ( sneaky laughter)

  3. My scottish cousin's aunt used to crochet tea cozies from boiled wool. They fit the teapot perfectly with openings for the handle, spout, and lid. I've been trying to find patterns for them ever since.


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