Friday, October 24, 2008

Do you know your tea history?

This vintage postcard depicts a teapot on display in a certain town in North Carolina. Tomorrow, Oct. 25, is the anniversary of an important date in American tea history, and it happened in this town in North Carolina.

A prize awaits the first person to give the name of the EVENT that occurred on this day so many years ago. Have fun! (If no one guesses correctly, I'll post the answer on Saturday, but I imagine quite a few of you will know the answer to this.)


  1. Good morning Angela. I've only posted once before, but, I have to say again how much I love your blog. It is my morning companion as I sip my first cup. Well done!

    I think you may be referring to the Edenton tea party, which took place on October 25, 1774 in Edenton, North Carolina. The ladies who attended, signed a petition declaring their intent to not drink any tea or buy cloth from Britain.

    As a collector of vintage postcards, I love it when you use them to enlighten your readers about tea.

    Have a good day!

  2. Well, my goodness Karen! You are certainly on the ball this morning, because yes, EDENTON TEA PARTY is just what I was looking for. And if you'll send your snail mail address to me at, I'll see about getting that prize headed your way. Congrats! (Oh, and thank you for the kind comments! That'll keep this blog running for at least another week or two!)

  3. It was very interesting reading about the Edenton Tea Party on the web when I did a search. Angela, thanks for sharing that thought-provoking bit of tea history this morning.


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