Friday, October 17, 2008

Tea Lover's Chocolates

Checking out with my small stack of tea loot the other day, I sat my purse down next to a display of tins of Tea Lover's Chocolates and held one up, debating. "I think I need this," I said, and when I showed it to my niece Cari and she agreed, I added it to my stack.

Something about this name sounds familiar. Perhaps these "55% cocoa dark chocolate drops best paired with black teas" have been advertised in the tea magazines? They're made by the San Francisco Chocolate Factory, and I love-love-love the design of this tin. If it were an inch or two longer, it would be about the size of the classic children's paint set.

While the $3.99 tin of chocolates is certainly pretty, I must confess I was expecting something rather semi-exotic and wonderful, but these taste exactly like plain old semi-sweet chocolate chips to me. So although I was disappointed in the rather ordinary taste, I'm going to save these for baking and I'll put the cute tin to use for storing craft supplies.


  1. Thanks for the review - I have seen those before and wondered if they were worth trying. I'll decide based on how much I like the tin (which is cute)!

  2. I agree - thanks for the review! I was planning to order some, but I think I'll wait.

  3. What a great idea though, thanks for sharing. I'd buy it based on the tin myself :)


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