Monday, October 27, 2008

A Tea Pot and Water Pot Set

A month ago, I passed up this little teapot and water pot set that was on clearance for just $5 at a Marshall's in Marietta. Ever since I went to England and had my tea served in one of these sets, freshening the spent tea leaves with the hot water in the companion pot, I'd thought I'd like to have one of these sets. The only sets I found were vintage ones by Hall, and usually they were $100+ on eBay but they just weren't very pretty. I'd seen a photo in a book of a vintage pink set I liked, so I put that on my "someday" wish list. So because it wasn't vintage, I left this set at Marshall's last month. Besides, I'm nearly out of room for new teawares and have to *really* be selective about adding new pieces that take up space.

But then I got home, of course, and thought, "Was I mad? A $5 teapot and water pot set, and I didn't get it?" I can always seem to stack a few more things into those cabinets in the garage, or even give something away if storage space is that tight. So when my mom and I went back to that same Marshall's store over the weekend, I assumed there was little chance the $5 boxed set would still be there. It was, and all the clearance items were an additional 25 percent off, so I got it for just $3.75.

I'd still love to have one of those old Hall sets one day, but sometimes it makes sense to "settle" for something else in the meanwhile. I'm glad I did!


  1. I've never heard of this kind of tea set before. What is the purpose of the hot water pot? What does "freshening the spent tea leaves" mean?

  2. That is a nice set and the price was great. I like the white on white pattern that will look good with any other color teawares.

  3. Melanie, they served the tea (made with loose tea leaves) in the teapot, so you poured the tea through a strainer and into your cup, leaving most of the tea leaves in the teapot. After just a cup or so of tea this tiny pot was empty and it was time to replenish the water, so that's what the water pot was for, refilling the teapot and getting a second steeping of tea!

  4. Interesting! That teapot does look tiny. Thanks for the explanation!

  5. What a fantastic find! That is the neatest idea I've seen in a long time. Great for gifts too.

  6. Angela:

    I have picked up a number of these vintage from the l940's and resold them - keep your eyes peeled!


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