Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Jeweled Lace Christmas Tree

Whew! We are just a few hours away from putting the Nov/Dec issue of the magazine to bed, and I'm about ready to put *me* to bed as well. It's been a day, beginning with the discovery that last night's Ginger Pear Tea Bread that was to be the subject of this morning's post was a soggy, didn't-cook-all-the-way-through mess. (Please tell me you have those kinds of things happen.) If I ever perfect the recipe, I'll share. Until then, I wanted to tell you (especially those of you not in our readership area) about my latest craft idea, this Jeweled Lace Christmas Tree.

Readers will find out in their Nov/Dec issue (or, if they're tea blog readers, right now) that Deberah, the art director, and I are going to do an online "Twelve Days of Christmas" event this year beginning Dec. 1. We've already been working on some of the projects we'll be sharing, and my idea was about as simple as it gets: Cover a white Styrofoam cone with lace (I used little quilting pins to fasten the lace) and then clip or pin old costume jewelry to it! Now *I* liked it, but when I got through I wondered if others would think this was just about the tackiest thing they'd ever seen. I pulled it out at work for its photo shoot, and to my absolute delight several of my co-workers (heck, even the publisher!) said they liked it. Groovy!

Anyway, that's really all there is to it. I just had to point out to my tea friends that there are teapot and teacup earrings on my tree (and only YOU would probably have ever noticed that anyway; doubleclick if you want to see more detail). There's the teapot earring with the ruby colored stones, and then below it is a golden teacup (it's hanging sideways) with an amber colored stone in the center representing the tea. Fun!


  1. Angela, I'm going to show this to my oldest daughter. She loves old jewelry and has a nice collection like yours. She is very artsy like you as well. It is very pretty to those of us who appreciate old jewels.

  2. What a novel idea, very beautiful. I might try something like that myself. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Angela: Would you feel better if I told you I baked the apples for my blog twice - 2 days in a row (yesterday's post) First Iput raisins in the apples and all the ones on top were burnt - I tried to remove them for the photo but they looked burnt to a crisp in the pictures so that night I bought more apples and left the raisins out when I baked them and had to change the recipe - do you feel better?
    Your tree is really beautiful! Love the old jewelry!

  4. Not at all tacky, but very elegant!


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