Wednesday, May 15, 2024

A beautiful new tea cozy from a thoughtful friend

Friends near and far have been so kind to me over the past month, and one of the many lovely kindnesses came in the form of a new drop-in “Snuggie” tea cozy made by my friend Bernideen. Isn’t this gorgeous?

And here's the back. As I was auditioning teapots to get the honor of going inside this tea cozy, I naturally gravitated toward many of them with pink designs.

But then my new-ish Blue Willow teapot, which was sitting nearby, caught my eye, and I realized the blues in the fabric pattern pair beautifully with the blue in the teapot’s design.

This tea cozy features elegant vintage embroidery and vintage crochet, which I just love. I treasure this piece, and I especially treasure Bernideen's friendship and so appreciate her kindness to me. (And if you’re in the market for a new tea cozy, go here to visit her Etsy shop and prepare to be impressed!)


  1. How pretty! I like both sides - and especially the loving thoughts that came with this gift.

  2. Oh my good -a-ness! There she is! So glad you are enjoying the cozy made from an old vintage linen. Such a sweet post and thank you also for the link to my site. Here is a tip: put your thumbs on the tie channel just above her head and spread to the right and left which will make the lady more noticeable.

    1. Great tip! I did and it worked, so thanks again!

  3. Bernideen is so talented! I know you will enjoy the cozy.

  4. Love the fabric, this is charming ☺️

  5. Such a nice gift! I love that the cozy is reversible, and that it is made with both embroidery and crochet on vintage linen. And thanks for giving us the link to Bernideen's Etsy shop!

  6. It is a gorgeous tea cozy for sure.


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