Thursday, December 31, 2015

Coloring and teatime

How many of you have joined in the new craze over coloring books for adults? Although I was rather interested, I held out and never bought one of these new coloring books, but then my husband gave me this cute English coloring book for Christmas. I wondered where on earth he found it, and then I learned a woman who works at a local gift shop called him to suggest that he might want to get me this for Christmas and kindly offered to hold one of these for him. I found that quite humorous!

It took me a few days to decide to go ahead and color one of the teacup pages in the book (other designs include vintage furniture, parasols, purses, and more). I haven't colored in ages, but I must admit this was fun!

Here's another of the book's teacup designs that I'm looking forward to coloring. I shared a couple of these photos on Facebook this week and was absolutely astonished to learn how many of my female friends had also received coloring books for Christmas. Did any of you?


  1. I haven't yet but this one looks like fun. I checked and they have this one on Amazon for $7.99. Happy New Year Angela. Wishing you many blessings in the New Year. Margie in CA

  2. I have held out on those as ones time is limited but Mr. Hubby knew just what to chose I would like that one too.

  3. I did!! But I've been coloring for a bit now, so it wasn't *that* much of a surprise! I received a beautiful Scripture/journaling coloring book -- very fun and pretty!

  4. I have been coloring non-stop for years. Every single year since my girls were little they get a coloring book for Christmas - and sometimes birthdays, too. We NEVER stopped coloring.....this year I got the newest craze ones for everyone - the nieces all got ones that peel off as stickers. Yesterday my tea party young niece came over after cheer practice and we played cards and games and then colored in my "new since Christmas" adult color pages. All these years we used crayons, but one cannot with these books b/c the patterns are much too intricate and detailed - so we used colored pencils. At home my nieces and daughters use colored markers for a brighter color effect.

    Now had the gift giver seen a TEACUP coloring book that would've been awesome. I am happily jealous of you!

    You should consider maybe copying some of those first before coloring to use for crafts: card making, teatree ornament making, decopage, envelope decorating, place setting artwork, etc.

    Happy New Year! My best to you and yours - good health, laughter, love and peace be yours in the coming new year! Hugs!

  5. That does look like a good choice for you. I have not tried this yet but I gave a coloring book as a Christmas gift. Keep enjoying yours.

  6. I hadn't gotten one as a gift. Instead I purchased a couple on my own, and used gift cards to purchase colored pencils outside of crayola. I've enjoyed coloring for years and love Dover Publishing coloring books.

  7. One of my friends in Atlanta sent me 6 adult coloring books for my birthday last February, and then I ordered one on ebay that I saw and loved. I ordered 2 sets of colored pencils, too. I have been busy proofing a book, and sad to say I have not done any coloring yet even though I did work in a watercoloring class for a week. Now I have to see if I can find this tea cup coloring book, and maybe I will get started. Glad you showed this and enjoyed it. Blessings, Nancy Carr


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