Thursday, December 17, 2015

A new Christmas piece (and the ones that got away)

I know better. A few months ago, I saw the prettiest sugar and creamer at a T.J. Maxx in this charming Christmas chintz pattern from Grace China. It wasn't expensive at all (just $4.99 per piece, I believe), but I didn't have anything else to match, so I left the set. A few weeks later, I found this teapot at another T.J. Maxx. I went back to the store where I'd seen the sugar and creamer, but alas, they were gone. Then this weekend, I found something I've certainly not come across before, a two-tiered server in the same pretty Christmas pattern.

I turned this (large) piece over expecting it to say $24.99 or so. It was just $12.99, so into the cart it went!

I do love this cheerful pattern with its bright poinsettias as well as the bits of graphic images scattered throughout. But guess who's kicking herself now for not buying that sugar and creamer? Next year, if I see something like that in October, I do believe I'll go ahead and buy it and hang on to it until December!


  1. Oh, those ARE pretty! I hope you will find the creamer and sugar, whatever time of year it might be.

  2. The company that produces Grace China is Coastline. If you don't find it somewhere you can always look on line. It is very pretty.

  3. Nice additions to your Christmas china Angela.

  4. I would love the teapot and server, but most definitely would pass up the creamer and sugar. I don't ever use the creamer and sugar, plus I don't mind mixing and matching. Love the teapot.

  5. Great pieces, Angela - I really like the two-tiered server, so pretty!

    Knowing what a'super shopper/sleuth' you are, I bet you'll find additional pieces, on future trips. Hope you're enjoying the holiday season. Joanie

  6. That is a beautiful pattern. I'm sure you will find more on your journeys. Maybe after Christmas they will be super cheap.


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