Thursday, December 24, 2015

Almost Christmas …

Having made my final trip to the grocery store for the week, I now have the day to slow down and take a deep breath before celebrating with family tomorrow. So here's how I'll be spending some of these last hours before Christmas Day:

• Sipping Christmas teas (of course)

• Making potato salad and green bean casserole, my contributions to the Christmas Day meal

• Finishing a new cozy mystery

• Beginning a new Christmas novel

• Reading through old Christmas issues of Victoria magazine from the mid-nineties

• Triple-checking my gift list to make sure every present makes it to the recipient

How will you spend the day? Is your Christmas Eve a busy one or a quiet one? I'd love to hear how everyone is spending the holidays (or "spent" the holidays, if you happen to read this blog post after the fact). However you spend them, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!


  1. Merry Christmas, Angela!
    We will be having a quiet and (hopefully) calm Christmas. Our kiddo is 29 so little ones to buy for, no grandchildren as of yet.
    My family is in Columbus, GA. We're here in Houston until mid-March and then our plan, Lord willing, is to move there to help with the parents. So, next Christmas will be very different for us! I can't wait!!
    Thanks for writing such a nice blog- I look forward to reading you!

    1. That should say NO little ones...sorry!
      Shari in Houston

  2. Merry Christmas! My mother always made potato salad for family meals. We are having a Christmas Eve dinner for daughter #2 and her family later today. I'll be spending the day in the kitchen.

  3. My Christmas Eve started with playtime and breakfast with my granddaughter ( and her parents) and the opening of a few presents. They have gone to visit others now and I'm about to make a pot of chili in my crockpot, to be enjoyed with friends after our Christmas Eve service tonight. Then I,m going to relax and watch White Christmas, until time to go to church and get ready for the service. I wish you a very Merry Christmas Eve and Christmas!

  4. Wishing I was spending the day with you doing what you are doing. I will be making mince pies and stollen for Christmas morning. Then for some down time to read and sip tea. Oh a load of laundry might be tossed in the washer too. Ha! Life goes on. Tomorrow is all about family. Breakfast here with the family and gift opening. Then in the afternoon off to my daughter's home for Christmas dinner, which is always a surprise menu. It could be anything from taco to roast beef, who knows, not me.

  5. Merry Christmas Angela! I will be baking cookies and wrapping presents. Then sitting in front of the fire having a cup of tea with the new Teatime magazine eating my cookies!

  6. Merry Christmas. I spent today baking a cake and making rolls. Spent the evening with family.

  7. I had the best Christmas Eve in years. I was invited to 2 parties. Both were in town within a mile of my house. In typical Puerto Rican style the first one had an entire roasted pig that had been cooked on a long metal pole. They carried the huge thing into the house right in front of me. People brought wonderful food. I had the best baked beans ever. I must find out who made those and get the recipe. There were many people I knew and met some new people who live on our little rock of an island. This party started at 6:00 p.m. I had another dinner which started at 8:00 p.m. which was hosted by my friend from Germany who lives here. She had turkey, stuffing, etc. I felt like a stuffed pig even though I paced myself. It was a beautiful evening. I am looking forward to another roast pig on New Year's Eve. On this night they are going to cook it underground wrapped in banana leaves and it will be on the beach. We will watch the sunset, eat and have a bonfire. The moon will still be pretty full since we live near the equator, so it will be a special evening also. I will miss all this when I move back to the states whenever God feels like getting me back to the states. I wait upon the Lord. Love you and your sweet husband. Peace and Blessings, Nancy Carr

  8. I like this post, Angela - I enjoy all the activities you mentioned: how nice it is to get out 'the favorite Christmas books,' (Cup of Christmas Tea, the Christmas cookbooks and magazines), looking at photos from Christmas Past and getting 'flushed cheeks' as memories of my mom and dad come clearly into focus: I treasure those memories!

    We're creating new memories this Christmas, going over to Georgia Tech, to spend some time with Nick (the Resident Assistant)
    Cooking up a ham with the most delicious mashed potatoes with garlic: not sure'how' Nick does it, but these potatoes are so creamy, I think they're great!

    We had such a nice visit, right in the heart of Midtown Atlanta. Later, we went out and looked at Christmas lights. A good time to sit and visit and the older I get, the more treasured these quiet, 'simple times' become to me. Creating new memories of love and family. Wishing you a blessed holiday, with love, Joanie


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