Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Twinings Camomile, Honey & Vanilla Tea

Last year at Christmas, I received a Downton Abbey Republic of Tea that I absolutely adore, "Butler's Pantry," a honey-flavored blend. It is so rich and delicious, but since I didn't know of any other honey-flavored tea blends, I've been very careful about not using up the tea bags too quickly. Recently, I was intrigued when I came across a new-to-me Twinings blend at Kroger, their Camomile, Honey & Vanilla blend of herbal tea.

Please note that "camomile" is the Twinings spelling, and I'm having a hard time not typing "chamomile" instead! Spelling concerns aside, my big question was, could this tea possibly be as richly honey-flavored as the Republic of Tea blend? Is it possible I can have my honey-flavored tea fix all year round?

Indeed yes, I am happy to say! This tea seems to be light on the chamomile/camomile and heavier on the vanilla and honey, which I find a very happy combination indeed. And of course I always love the fact that Twinings teas are individually wrapped, making them perfect for sharing. (Not that I plan to share any!)


  1. Sounds yummy! And it looks so pretty in that teacup! Another flavor to try.

  2. Sounds good! I usually have coffee in my teacups though!

  3. Angela, have you tried Harney & Sons Tower of London tea? I can taste the honey in that, but maybe because I'm not a huge honey fan perhaps I'm just more sensitive to it.

  4. Yummy....I too would enjoy a pretty cuppa this one! Thanks - I will look for it!

  5. Could you tell me which pronunciation of Twinings is correct, please?
    twine-ings or twin-ings

  6. I like your review, Angela and I like your teacup too! *

    * Many, (many) years ago, the "Dillard Days". while in college, I went to several classes in "China and Crystal" and 'fell in love' with 'everything Wedgewood!'

    Your pretty teacup reminds me of the Wedgewood "Runnymeade" (Navy blue) pattern. After taking the classes in the many benefits of bone China, I ended up ordering several pieces of the Navy blue "Runnymeade" pattern, wow, what a pretty teacup!

    As time went on and when Dillard's offered the employee "holiday discount program," I ordered several dishes, a platter and a soup tureen. Then, when some Aynsley patterns got discontinued, the warehouse would ship odds and end pieces to our store and the prices were so low, I could not resist. I think that's when my love of "China collecting" really began. And it's so true: you really can mix and match different patterns.

    So Angela, I am going to try some of that Camomile tea out and "raise a teacup" to you!
    Cheers, Joanie

  7. I enjoy this tea too! I don't often care for added flavors but this is very nice. Loved visiting a Twinings store in London & taking home a few new things to try for fun! Lady Grey is one of my favorites.


  8. Interesting about the spelling!
    No I don't think I will drink this, not found of sweetened teas or "camomile".


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