Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lipton's Sparkling Iced Teas

The Ingles grocery store in Bremen, Georgia, continues to be the mecca for tea lovers in search of the new and different. Over the weekend, I stopped by for my weekly bottle of Jimmy Buffett's Pineapple-Coconut Island Tea, and I was rounding the tea aisle when I hit the brakes and went, "Whoa, Nelly!" I had heard about Lipton's sparkling teas but had never actually happened upon them before. So these two cans jumped into my grocery cart, lickety-split, and came home with me.

The two flavors I got were Raspberry and Peach.

Oh, my, these were tasty! Were they delicious? Yes! Do they taste like tea? No, not really. But they do indeed contain black tea, so there's that. (And here's a link to nutrition info for the curious.) My husband asked what they tasted like, and I said peach tea- and raspberry tea-flavored Sprite.

I all but stopped drinking carbonated drinks about two years ago, and these days, I may drink two or three Cokes in a year. So it was kind of a novelty to taste carbonation when I poured these drinks over ice. These drinks will never replace my "everyday" teas, but as occasional treats, I sure enjoy trying all the fun new tea products!


  1. I have actually seen these, but carbonated tea didn't really appeal to me so I have not tried them. Glad to know they taste good, though.

  2. Interesting to see the nutritional content. I think I will pass as sugar was the second on the list and too many ingredients I didn't recognize.


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