Monday, September 21, 2015

A most useful idea for a leaky teapot

Months ago, someone shared this cute pin cushion idea with me, and I'd been meaning to try it. Now that fall is here and needlework is calling my name once again, I decided it was the perfect time to "upcycle" a leaky little teapot that I find simply beautiful but unsuitable for liquids.

I actually bought this tiny little one-cup teapot in an antique store in Gainesville, Ga., and got home with it to find it leaked. So I've been using it to hold cotton balls, but when I heard about the pincushion idea, I knew that's what I wanted to do.

And mine is not nearly as neatly made as the lovely original, but I basically just wanted mine to be a pretty place to stick needles and pins, not necessarily to be a showpiece of tea crafting.

Also, because this teapot is so small, I needed my cushion to poof up a bit so it would be big enough to actually house the pins. So, all I did was find an ounce or two of fiberfill stuffing, place it in a scrap of floral fabric, and then tie it up like a little potpourri ball. Then I hot-glued that baby into the lid of my teapot, added a little pink trim, and voila!

The leaky teapot is useful once again, and once it's served its purpose for the afternoon, who would ever suspect what is inside!


  1. This is a darling idea, especially for a leaky teapot!

  2. Perfect idea for a pretty little teapot! Did you know boiling a cracked teapot in milk will stop it from leaking? I bought a teapot in Florida and when I got home found it had a hairline crack across the bottom and leaked. I tried the milk fix and it worked.

  3. Forgot to say the teapot is safe for use because the milk is natural!

  4. Cute! I've seen pin cushions made with tea cups but not the pot. What a great idea to use something we already enjoy.

  5. Now that is very clever! And helpful too.

  6. I received my pkg. today.
    Thank you again.
    They are very cute.
    I'm a list-maker & a letter writer, so I will enjoy.

  7. What a great idea, Angela! Such a cute teapot, I love it. Joanie


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