Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Teeny-Tiny Tea Set

The other day I was looking for new tea books online and came across a new miniature boxed set from Running Press, The Teeny-Tiny Tea Set. These are the sorts of sets you see on racks near the cash register at bookstores like Barnes and Noble, which is where I got this one.

There's actually quite a lot packed into this little (3x3x2-inch) box. There's a full miniature tea set, a guidebook, a doily and stickers so you can personalize the tea set as you wish. You can see the tray of my tea set (about 2 inches wide) has a spot on it, and the quality is -- how do I say this? -- every bit as fine as I expected for $8.95. Those stickers will certainly come in handy! (Actually, I'm going to save them and let my nieces do the decorating next time they come for a visit.)

One of the most interesting sections of the 32-page book was on tea tasting terms, words like "brassy" (according to this guide, it means bitter or sharp) and "pungent" (strong but not bitter) and "coarse" (strong but of poor quality). This set is recommended for those 12 and older. Most of us surely qualify, and I think this would be a unique stocking stuffer as well as a fun addition to a tea lover's collection. And that's all of my teeny-tiny review!


  1. Your nieces will have fun with that project. I like the interesting tea tasting terms in the book. I usually call my everyday teas "robust". I've seen pungent described as very astringent tea. My London Cuppa and Yorkshire are strong but not bitter, but I don't find it astringent. Maybe the milk makes a difference.

    I've heard brassy and coarse used to describe people, as well as tea. Probably not those we'd want to meet. ;-)

  2. Very cute! Angela, I am wondering where you keep all your delicious tea finds. You must have quite a collection.

  3. One day I will have to tidy up my crafts room and post a "tour" of the room where most of this stuff resides. What isn't packed into the tea cabinet in the kitchen goes in the crafts room!

  4. My grandgirl would love this book! So far, she doesn't really drink tea...she fills the teapot with juice or soda...but I hope in time she will acquire a teaste for tea.

    Thanks for sharing this great little book!


  5. I think you should use it to serve "those tiny little tea leaves from Tetly tea" Sorry, it just popped into my head - it is a cutie. Please show pics when it's decorated.

  6. That's a great gift. I can see a 13 year old girl telling her friends the tea bag she just made tea with tasted "coarse."


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