Monday, November 2, 2009

If tablecloths could talk

Do you ever get so familiar with the furnishings in your home that you don't even see them anymore? I do. The other day, for instance, I walked by the dining table and realized I had exactly the same table decorations that I've had there since Easter, a lavender flower arrangement and a pastel rose-design teapot I've been using as a planter. That just wouldn't do, so over the weekend I spruced things up a bit starting with a vintage tablecloth more suitable for fall.

First, I placed the teapot tablecloth on the table diagonally (which is, of course, what we do with square-ish tablecloths when we have a rectangular table). Next, I looked for some bric-a-brac in autumnal colors. A slightly dusty flower arrangement was fetched from a cabinet in the garage, a brown teapot was brought down from its perch atop the kitchen cabinets, and some brown teapot salt and pepper shakers were brought out of hiding from an old family secretary (the piece of furniture, not the office worker). The tablecloth is my favorite piece, though. It's something I came across earlier this year and has just a few small worn spots, which indicate someone really used it.

When I see vintage linens advertised as "still in original package" or "never used," it makes me kind of sad. Sure, it's great for today's shopper that something is still in mint condition, but my goodness, why didn't the original owner just live a little and actually use it? Many of you no doubt have read the wonderful Emilie Barnes book "If Teacups Could Talk," but I think that if tablecloths could talk, they'd have some pretty fun stories as well!


  1. I must admit that I don't change my decor for the seasons or for each holiday. However, I do enjoy seeing what all the decor diva's do with their homes.

    Your fall teapot tablecloth is very lovely and I like your centerpiece too. I also enjoy "If Teacups Could Talk" and "A Memory of Christmas Tea". No matter how many times I read them, they still bring me to tears.

  2. I lurve your post! I started decorating for the seasons years ago when I received items as gifts being the newlywed. Well that wa 13 years ago. Boy how time flies.

    I lurve your table cloth!!!! You lucky gal. I giggled at all your little hints. It brought back memories of my parents secretary. Lol

  3. Just taking a moment (before I start raking leaves - again) to thank you for your continued wonderful posts. I look forward every day to read what you have to say. And I can imagine that it must not be easy to come up with something new every single day!

    I change the deco to suit most every holiday. Yesterday I put away the Halloween items and put out some Thanksgiving things. My problem seems to be keeping up with the holidays - did someone shorten the calendar or does time really go by faster as we get older?

    P.S. My reward for raking is a nice cuppa and one, possibly two, fresh baked scones.

  4. Love the vintage table cloth! The whole scene is very pretty! I choose the motto "use it or get rid of it" a long time ago, it forces me to use all the 'good' stuff I have and not horde it away somewhere to never be seen again.LOL

  5. IT IS easy to not "see" what's in front of you, so a seasonal tour of my home is something I like to do (tho often neglect). You've inspired me!

  6. Lovely table decor. I do not change my decor with the seasons. Maybe I'll start it as a new tradition when my son is older. My Grandma did and it was always lovely. She had special table cloths and center pieces for each season and holiday. I've often wished I had kept a table cloth or 2 of her's when we cleaned out her house after she passed. Even though I don't have tangible "things" I do have the memories.

  7. oh what a pretty tablecloth!
    I don't know the book you mention but it sounds just my thing, off to investigate.
    I adore your blog, so glad to find another tea lover!

    Pop by for some tea!

  8. Enjoyed your post and yes it is sad that those that have gone before us didn't always use there treasures, but now we get too. Hooray! Have fun.

  9. That has to be one of the most lovely tablecloths I have seen. The colors are lovely. Lucky you to have that goodie.

  10. Oh, Angela! I love that vintage table cover! And the colors in your arrangement and the brown betty tea pot are so perfect too! I would love to find a table cover like that.

  11. I've got to say I really love that dark-colored teapot. It's not too feminine but could be right for either a man or a woman. Really a classy piece. --Spirituality of Tea


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