Monday, November 30, 2009

Teatime bookmarks

In a pinch I will use an old receipt or a scrap of ribbon for a bookmark, but I must say I enjoy finding pretty or simply interesting ones to use since reading books is one of my favorite pastimes. My latest tea-themed bookmark is actually a brand known as a Book Thong (no doubt the only time you will ever come across the word "thong" on this blog!). This one came from Books A Million, and although they had perhaps a dozen or more of these beaded beauties hanging there, I noticed no two of them were exactly alike.

This one, of course, caught my eye because of the unusual teacup charm at one end. I love this, and if it ever falls apart from use one day, I will have a neat charm I can use for another project.

My "fanciest" tea-themed bookmark is this lovely silver and pink one I ordered from the beading daughter of a fellow tea blogger. I had seen the pretty bookmark she made for her mom and ordered one in pink for myself, and I never pick it up without admiring the lovely beads she chose for this piece.

Earlier this year, I came across this bookmark for $2 in an antique mall. Do any of you remember the Past Times catalog? Oh, I used to enjoy getting that! I visited the Past Times store in Bath, England once and even found a great tea book there, but I don't guess the catalog comes out in the states anymore.

This bookmark was an eBay find, and since the ribbon is so long this will have to be used for some very tall book.

But of course the bookmarks I use most often are simple paper bookmarks, like these from Mary Engelbreit and Sandy Lynam Clough (the second one has a tea set if you look closely). Do you have any tea-themed bookmarks? Which is your favorite?


  1. That is a very nice bookmark collection. That first one is unusual - I'll have to have a look at my local Books A Million.

    My favorites are my Mary Engelbreit bookmarks and some homemade ones featuring tea theme fabric.

  2. I don't have any tea related bookymarks, but I would love to purchase or make some old fashioned paper ones. Your purchases are lovely.

  3. I have several nice tea bookmarks including the pretty beaded ones my daughter made. I just wish I had them organized so I could find them at the moment. I'll put that on my "to do" list. And, BTW, I had no idea that style bookmark is a "thong," I made one with a panda and beads at a beading class a couple of years ago. It is in my Bible. Thanks for enlightening me on the name. I hope I can keep a straight face in my Baptist Church ladies Sunday school class next Sunday. I guarantee I will think of you as I use it. *LOL*

  4. I have the Mary Englebreit bookmark, but haven't seen the others. I collect bookmarks, but only if they don't cost anything. That is the challenge for me and makes it fun. No I don't steal them! What a fun collection you have.

  5. Love your collection of bookmarks, especially the pretty beaded ones. I have only one bookmark with a tea theme. It's paper and has 5 pretty teacups printed in the design. Naturally, I make sure I use that one when I'm reading one of Laura Child's "tea shop mysteries." Gotta keep with the theme!

  6. I like the beaded one with the steaming cup. I've never before heard of "book thongs" and now I know what they are. Seems like the good ones are tea-themed.

  7. i must say that I prefer just a simple paper bookmark. But I enjoyed seeing those lovely, well-designed objects.


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