Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Valentine's wrap-up

If you'll permit me one more day of Valentine reportage, I wanted to share two treats from girlfriends that I just loved! First, my friend Deberah, who recently hosted a beach-themed bridal shower, brought me a treat bag featuring the sand dollar punch she used (cute!) as well as some heart-decorated bags, all filled with chocolate. Does that heart design look familiar? It should, because she "borrowed" it from that toile looking teacup I wrote about on Thursday! Isn't that a great idea?

And my friend Susan, one of the local "baking queens" I am blessed to call a friend, dropped by the office with a beautiful plate of Red Velvet Cupcakes. Now I just love cupcakes. The portions are just right, the shape is cute, and I thought her presentation of these was just so lovely, especially when accompanied by chocolate-covered strawberries!

And yes, I shared a couple of the cupcakes, but this last one was mine. All mine. Except that I felt guilty and decided to share it with DH!

So he got half, and I got half. Not a bad snack! So I had a weekend full of tea and treats and enjoyed every single bit (and bite) of it.

And a beautiful plate as a keepsake from Valentine's season 2009. Now, what are we going to be doing to celebrate St. Patrick's Day?


  1. Angel'a' that plate is beautiful! Those cupcakes look soooo delicious too. Good friends, what a great thing to have just to make your day a little brighter!

  2. angela you have wonderful friends! what lovely work on the bags and those cupcakes, chocolate dipped strawberries, and plate, well just amazing! hugs to you and thanks for sharing!

  3. love love love all your Valentine posts, photos, etc. So inspirational! And thank you for my lovely Valentine & tea! I've sent you a snail mail. ha ha You're like me - always looking forward to the next holiday, and St. Patrick's Day is special as I am of Irish ancestry....let the green begin!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Your friends cetainly gave you some great Valentine gifts. The red velvet cupcakes look scrumptious. Your pretty plate will make a lovely momento of Valentine's Day 2009. Thanks for a fun week of posts.

  5. I am so glad that you received a beautiful Valentines gift too - how delicious and a keepsake plate too. I enjoyed reading about your beautiful valentine's week of give-aways. What a treasure - that you learned to give away to celebrate the holiday. I like the American tradition of including everyone not just lovers. It can be a time to celebrate all those we love and those that may feel a little left out at this time. I see it through new eyes now.

  6. The heart shape hatbox and adorable demi-tasse set from your mum is beautiful - can you tell me what brand it is so I can look out for it in Australia.
    Look up St Patrick on the net - he was an awesome christian who prayed for a kings children to be raised from the dead to prove to him and others that the christian God was the one to serve.

  7. Beautiful cupcakes and bags! Very "festive"!! And funny you should ask about St. Pat's Day... you won't believe it but this Savannah resident has jury duty for that whole week, right off Broughton Street! I usually avoid downtown for that whole week and now I get the pleasure of getting caught up in the mire! I'd rather eat a bug, but I'll think of those gorgeous cupcakes, and that will cheer me up!


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