Friday, December 11, 2015

As we prepare to say goodbye to "Downton Abbey" …

I originally had another blog post planned for today, but when I saw this video clip on the British Country Living website, I had to share it. Since we'll be sipping our last cups of tea over episodes of "Downton Abbey" in 2016, here's something to ponder: Would the show have been the same with American accents?


  1. I could listen to someone with a British ( or Scottis or Irish) accent read the phone book, so I think it would not have been the same without those lovely accents!

  2. Oh my gosh that was hilarious!

  3. OK, yes I have been absesnt big time, and it is 3am and I thought I'd sneak in (can't sleep again) really fast and read "just a couple" of posts - and this had my in stiches - oh my gosh.....and Branson finishing it with "Mary who are you wearing?"

    Yes, those across the pond know our country's obsession with designers, don't they?

    This is brilliant - and oh how I have loved DA! I own them all and watch them often.

    Thanks for the giggles. : - )

  4. Very funny! I saw someone post this on FB, but hadn't watch it.


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