Friday, December 4, 2015

A Spode Christmas Tree tea-for-one set

Last Christmas, one of my gifts from my dad was this cute little Spode Christmas Tree tea-for-one set. I have several teacups and saucers and dessert plates in this pattern, so this sweet set seemed like a good addition to my small collection. I've noticed it up in the top of a closet several times in recent weeks, but I wouldn't let myself actually bring it down until December. And now December is here!

I think the candy cane–striped handles are a whimsical touch to this classic pattern, and the cup is a bit oversized, which is great because of all the Christmas teas I have been drinking!

For this teapot and teacup's inaugural pour, it seemed fitting to pull out the Candy Cane Lane from Celestial Seasonings. This was a box of Candy Cane Lane that I received from my friend Phyllis (who has been sharing some of her gorgeous Christmas teawares over at The Relevant Tea Leaf). I currently have some friends helping me watch for the Candy Cane Lane to hit the local grocery stores so I can stock up for next year. (One friend actually went ahead and called Kroger and Publix and asked about it! They told her the shipments haven't yet arrived but should be here any day.) Do you have any special teawares you'll be using this Christmas? I'd love to hear about them!


  1. Oh now isn't your father the sweetest khnowing how much you would love that set?

    Of course separating the two pieces works perfectly too - tuck the teapot in a vignette and fill the cup with cute old vintage ornaments - or even a mini live evergreen - for something a little different for the use.

    Sounds like you love your minty teas, Angela! You know, I too will keep my peepers open for it for you!

    Phyllis is a sweetheart- I love her blog, too. Tea birds fly together, to be sure!

    Looking forward to tomorrow's story! It's like an addiction! :- )

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend, Hugs. ♥

  2. Those are really cute, and I love the peppermint striped handles! Love that tea, too - I still have some from last year, as well as a similar one from Whole Foods (and I really can't tell the difference). I have 3 Christmas teapots and one cup & saucer that I use in December, plus a bunch of Christmas mugs that match my Corelle Christmas china, and some other Christmas mugs, too.

  3. That little set is adorable! And the Candy Cane Lane tea would be perfect! It's amazing how quickly that tea sells out once it hits the stores!

  4. I love your Spode set. What a thoughtful gift to a tea lover. Tucked away in one of my Christmas boxes is a Spode teapot and a Christmas teacup. I will find them when I start unpacking and decorating the tree tomorrow.

  5. This to a very pretty set. It's time to get out my Christmas teapots!

  6. Love this teapot, Angela - very thoughtful of your dad! I know it will be treasured for years to come. Enjoy the holidays, Joanie

  7. Candy Cane Lane is my all-time favourite Christmas tea too!

    Our local stores (Bulk Barn) have had Candy Cane Lane, as well as CS' other seasonal teas in stock since September! I'm surprised that your local stores don't have CCL yet...perhaps there's a shortage because all the CCL is being imported into Canada? Ha!

  8. I've bit seen Candy Cane Lane in the stores yet either. I like your tea pot. I have the full size version of the pot and a set of 4 cups.


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