Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A "blue" Christmas of the best kind!

It's not even Christmas yet, and I've already been blessed with two lovely gifts from my fellow tea lover Margie in California!

First, this beautiful turquoise blue spoon (a/k/a, "Angela's new favorite tea scoop") arrived in the mail, and I marveled that a) it arrived in pristine condition (it was packaged very carefully) and b) that Margie so thoughtfully remembered my obsession with the turquoise/aqua blue color this year. How lovely!

A few days later, I got another package in the mail telling me Margie found some beautiful teapot ornaments when she went to tea recently, and she scooped these up for her tea friends. I am so honored to have received one! Thanks again for thinking of me, Margie!


  1. Beautiful spoon! And what a darling ornament. Very thoughtful gifts for you.

  2. What thoughtful - an appropriate - gifts from your tea friend. They're lovely!

  3. Merry Christmas Angela! Lovely tea ornament...enjoy thoughtful gifts from your dear friends. So nice!


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