Monday, September 14, 2015

The weekend's tea treats

Over the summer, I added to my handwriting-themed teaware collection with a great new teacup from Gracie Bone China. Over the weekend, I found at Marshalls a tea mug that looks like a companion piece with brightly colored roses that immediately told me this should be my new fall tea mug!

The handwriting appears to be Italian, although I can't actually read or speak Italian, so I just hope it says something uplifting!

I'm wondering if perhaps this pattern comes in a teacup and saucer, too, so if anyone sees such a set while you're at the T.J. Maxx/Marshalls/HomeGoods family of stores, please let me know! All these pieces have this pretty rose backstamp on them.

I also found a new tea treat I really liked, this Chocolate Chip Scottish Shortbread from Duncan's of Deeside. The cookies were thick, rich, and substantial, just as good shortbread should be, and were even more enjoyable since they were accompanied by tea sipped from a pretty new tea mug!


  1. That mug is quite pretty and chocolate chips and shortbread sounds like a match made in heaven! Will keep an eye out for a matching teacup and saucer.

  2. Lovely new teacup and your treats look delish - I adore shortbread!

    Hope you enjoyed your little teatime today! : - )

    1. The cup is quite pretty! But the writing is not Italian--I'm pretty sure it's Latin, but I'm not sure that it's correct Latin. (I studied Latin long, long ago.) I tried to use "Google Translate" on it, but I couldn't read enough of the script from the photo to get a good translation. If you know a teacher of Latin, you could ask him/her. Good luck!

  3. so pretty.......I will take a look for a teacup for you - but I can you send some of that tea McRae magic first! lol

  4. That would be interesting if the writing is in Latin. I am hoping to be able to go to TJMaxx/Homegoods and Marshalls early next month in the San Juan area. I have a doctor's appointment on the main island of Puerto Rico and I plan to have the driver take me shopping, too. I will take bubble wrap along just in case I see the matching pieces for you. I always take a huge LLBean rolling duffle bag with bubble wrap and tape when I fly over there from this little rock I live on in the Caribbean. Every time you mention shopping at those places I get so excited and can't wait until I am back in the states to make weekly trips to my favorite stores, Blessings

  5. What a pretty mug, love the colors! That shortbread looks delicious.

    Oh, Bravo TV''s "Ladies of London" (new season, premieres tonight). I'm recording it and we're watching the Falcons game. Love all the behind the scenes looks at the manor homes and Angela, they are always having"a spot of tea!" Joanie

  6. Your new autumn mug is pretty and shortbread is a nice treat to have with tea. Good thing I only make it at Christmas, love my cookies with tea in the afternoon.

  7. Your mug is very pretty. The cookies sound delicious!

  8. Your new mug is very pretty. Do let us know if you find out what it says.


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