Friday, November 20, 2009

A rosy find

"A rose is a rose is a rose," said Gertrude Stein. Well, yes. Unless it's a handpainted rose. A great big pink one. Vintage. In perfect condition.

And on a tea trivet! The little blue postcard announcing the estate sale on Parks Avenue arrived last week. The blue postcards normally stop coming by this time of year, and yet this is the second one I've received in as many weeks. How fun! I got to the sale a little late in the morning so my expectations of finding anything were low. Then I glanced across a few tables and immediately spotted this gorgeous old tea trivet. The price was right, and the design was definitely calling my name.

I have a feeling a number of teawares probably slipped on out before I arrived, but I think one reason I keep finding tea trivets is that they look like orphaned saucers and are so easy to pass by. (Tea fanatics, however, know that these pieces were used to keep hot teapots from scorching the tabletop.) This one is 6-1/4 inches in diameter, but what usually catches my attention is that the "saucer" is standing a slight bit off the table, even casting a shadow, like here.

Some trivets have ball-like feet, but this one has a simple circular rim on the underside to hold it aloft. This may well be my most favorite tea trivet yet!


  1. That one is a beauty. I love the soft green and pink colors - very pretty.

  2. A beautiful find at a terrific price!!

  3. Well, now I know just what a tea trivet is and does. I'm learning about this traditional Western teaware and enjoying it.

  4. What a special find and for only $3. Wow! The rose painting on the trivet is just beautiful. Lucky you.

  5. This would definitely qualify as a absolute favorite!


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