Friday, February 20, 2009

Winter 2009 Tea A Magazine

Some of you will remember reading last fall about Pearl Teas, the company that had created tea blends in honor of both presidential candidates. The company published illustrations of the candidates made of the respective teas, and so it is that the cover of the Winter 2009 issue of Tea A Magazine features Jack Cheng's illustration of President Barack Obama made from the Obama Presidential Blend.

For those of us who are political junkies, this issue has lots of fun stuff related to both tea and politics. An article by Eve Hill shows several of the ceramic teapots designed in honor of heads of state, including George Washington, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. Items from the collection of Editor Pearl Dexter include a teapot fashioned in the shape of the White House and a cup and saucer in President Andrew Jackson's pattern. There's also an article on pewter teapots that belonged to President and Mrs. Herbert Hoover.

There are plenty of other pieces of interest - Jane Pettigrew's account of a trip to Malaysia's Highlands, various recipes using tea as an ingredient - but to me the political/presidential features make this issue a real keeper.


  1. I have also been enjoying this interesting issue as well. After reading about World Cup of Tea in Franklin, TN, I'll definitely be planning a visit to this town. The pieces on spices and travel are also great. Too bad it is such a long wait between issues.

  2. Thank you! I'll look for a copy! I should just resubscribe, b/c I always end up buying it!

  3. Thank you, glad you enjoyed my teapots. Theya re just a few of about 450. Addicted? perhaps, but it has been fun

    Eve Hill,
    Tea Magazine


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