Monday, November 20, 2023

Thankful for family … and thrifting!

Early bird readers will have noted that, for I believe only the second time in the history of the Tea With Friends blog, I forgot to write a post this morning! Suffice it to say it's been a busy weekend around here, hosting kids and grandkids and then getting ready to host my side of the family on Thursday. And we are blessed to do so! I'm reminded of a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote that "the ornament of a house is the friends ("and family," I would add) who frequent it." I agree! And here we are with all four grandkids, who are growing up so quickly!

On Saturday, in between visiting with Daddy and Aunt Jane, I managed a run by a new favorite thrift store in Cedartown, Our House, where I found several great goodies. First, I'd been looking for a cream-colored teacup and saucer so I can do a "Winter White" teacup rack in January. I had three and needed four, and this Mikasa set (50 cents) fit the bill.

Vintage Santas for 50 cents each? Yes, please!

Now, I have a 1980s version of The Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book, but I'd wanted one of these older versions in a ring binder, but the ones I've seen were either too pricy or too shabby. The cover of this one shows a little wear, but the inside is amazingly pristine for a 1968 book, and for 25 cents, well, this was definitely a score.

In looking for vintage Christmas tablecloths on eBay (the ones I want are so expensive!), I've noted that even old paper tablecloths are becoming collectible. Is a Chinet tablecloth collectible? I dunno. But I like the poinsettia design, which could also be a craft supply for decoupage one day if I decide not to use it as a tablecloth.

And my final goodie from Our House? They're selling T-shirts for $15 to help raise money for their domestic violence shelter, the beneficiary of the thrift shop, and I absolutely needed this one. 

So, are you ready for Thanksgiving? I'm getting there!


  1. Love those Santa’s and the teacup - but the picture with grandchildren is the best of all!

    1. Forgot to put my name AGAIN! Joy

  2. That's a great picture of y'all! Good luck with your Thanksgiving dinner hosting--I hope everybody has a good time.

  3. I love that Emerson quote. I'm so glad you have everyone together for Thanksgiving. The vintage santas are too cute! You scored a great find on the cookbook. I think the old version is better than new versions. My Mom's has recipes that mine do not. I borrowed hers and made copies of family favorites that were missing in mine. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


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