Friday, June 2, 2023

Inspiration in the new Tea Time magazine


I always enjoy seeing a new issue of Tea Time land in my mailbox instead of more junk mail, and I'm especially happy when tea wares with roses make the cover! But this time, I had to turn only one page before I found something that made this whole issue a treat.

It was this shell-patterned Wedgwood White Dolphins teacup! Isn't this a classy-looking design? I've been looking for something like this for several years now for a very bookish reason. My first cozy mystery series is about a former newspaper reporter turned jewelry maker here in Georgia. My second series (the one just launched) is about two sisters with a junk business in Alabama. But my third series (coming in a few more years) will be about a retired interior designer who lives at the beach in Florida, and for years now, I have been searching for just the right china pattern for her. Most of the shell patterns I've seen just didn't grab me, but this one? I think it's lovely, and it *looks* like an interior designer would like it, don't you think?

All those shells around the three-tiered server really caught my eye! So while I always find teatime inspiration in Tea Time, it's not every issue that can provide some writing inspiration as well.

And in another bit of good timing, I came across a cute tea sandwich idea that I want to make for my niece Cari's baby shower next month. My first great-nephew, Ezra, is expected to arrive later this summer, and I'm helping plan the baby shower. If I've ever seen teddy bear tea sandwiches before, I'd forgotten them, but these will be great for the shower. In fact, maybe I need to go reread some of my back issues of Tea Time and see what other baby shower ideas I can come up with!


  1. Yes, that Wedgewood pattern is perfect! And the baby shower plans sound so cute - I will message you about that later today.

  2. That tea cup is perfect for your new series. Please send my congratulations to Cari.

  3. That elegant Wedgwood "White Dolphins" china pattern really IS a perfect choice for your beach-dwelling retired interior designer! It took me a while to find the fanciful dolphins in the pattern, but I finally did find them using a close-up of the design on (one of my favorite websites).

  4. Now I need to go back and relook at that magazine. Right now I have 250 copies of this magazine waiting to hand out at our tea festival next month. As usual it is a beautiful issue. Love the dolphin pattern too. It would work very well for your interior designer.


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