Monday, November 28, 2022

Readying for December with Christmas teacups

Over the weekend, I started pulling out our Christmas decorations and Christmas tea wares, including some of my Christmas teacups. I always like the look of a stack of teacups, so I may try to figure out a way to include a stack or two in the decor this year.

My newest one came from an estate sale over the summer. I believe the woman who painted this was in her eighties or nineties, an avid golfer and china painter. I love the bows on the cup and saucer.

This pattern is "Noel" by Princess Anne Fine Bone China. Around the holidays, I always try to think about those who've lost loved ones during the past year and may be hurting, and curiously enough (or maybe not), I found myself thinking about Princess Anne and her family. I imagine Christmas will be very different for the royal family this year.

This Duchess (no relation to the royals) cup and saucer is titled simply "Winter," and I love it because it has a softer color palette along with the holly and berries and pine cones.

Finally, one of my more recent Christmas teacup purchases is a Gracie cup and saucer I found at T.J. Maxx a few years ago. I think the pattern is pretty, but mainly I love that the cup is oversized, and since I drink lots more tea in colder months, I like this size a lot.

I enjoy collecting random patterns of Christmas teacups rather than complete sets of dishes, though I do have a dessert service for four in the Spode Christmas Tree pattern as well as a few Christmas snack sets. Do you all have Christmas china/dishes? If so, what pattern(s) do you collect? I'd love to know!



  1. I love Christmas teacups & have a collection too! My Christmas dishes are Winter's Eve by Spode in the classic blue & white. There's a winter scene in the center and the rim of the plate has a holly leaf border. i set my table with a blue & silver theme. I also use these dishes for Thanksgiving,

  2. I love your Christmas teacups! I have one in the Old Country Roses Christmas pattern, that I enjoy each Christmas. I have Corelle "Holly Days" dishes that are at least 35 years old - they have mugs rather than teacups though. These days I use the dinner plates and top them with various salad plates - I have some of the red and green Johnson Bros. transferware plates with the Christmas tree in the center (I forgot the pattern name, they are at home and I'm not) and some of the Better Homes and Gardens Christmas plates.

  3. Those are very pretty Christmas teacups! I especially like the one with the pinecones and rose hips, since it's so unusual. I have a nice set of "Holly Ribbons" by Royal Worcester--I especially like the flowing red ribbons and mistletoe in the design. I have also started collecting the Villeroy and Boch "Holly" pattern. I have enough for a tea setting for two now. I consider both of these as my "winter patterns" and I use them beyond Christmas, for the rest of the winter.

  4. I wouldn't say I collect Spode Christmas Tree. But I have 4 plates, mugs, and a teapot. That's plenty for me. I love the mugs because they are oversized and have a candy cane handle.

  5. I love them all, but especially the Duchess-Winter. I only have one Christmas teacup and I just brought it out to enjoy for December.


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