Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring tea trolley

It was time to give the tea trolley a new look, so this weekend, inspired by all the beautiful blossoms in nature, I pulled out some chintz and rose pieces and went for a frilly floral look! I suppose I will never tire of admiring the queen of flowers.

Here's what the finished trolley looks like.

My Royal Winton Welbeck teapot almost always comes out in spring.

And I also love this pink rose teapot and sugar bowl that my late mother found for me. (Still looking for the creamer, cheap!)

My vintage topper was lovingly embroidered, probably years ago, by someone who liked tea, since she (I'm assuming it was a she) embroidered a teapot …

And teacups!

My dainty little rose figurine belonged to the mother of my friend Ann, who passed it along to me a few weeks ago.

And my $10 Mary Engelbreit teacup stand remains one of my best antique mall finds ever. I love the fact that few of these things actually match, yet they all play well together!


  1. How pretty it all looks! Knowing who gave you some of the pieces makes them even more special. Happy spring!

  2. Oh I love the springy look here. My favorite teapot too.

  3. Your tea cart looks lovely for spring, nice to have the special things we enjoy on display.

  4. Just perfect! Love the ME teacup stand too!

  5. They do all play well together! Love the chintz teapot, the price is up there for that lovely pot. :( Your tea trolley decorating is always fun.

    1. Thank you!!! And Donna, I will *always* be grateful for the friend who spotted it for me for $19.99 at T.J. Maxx!

  6. So pretty and coveting that teapot - I've never seen one like it.

  7. Wow, Angela, you've out-done yourself on the spring tea cart, it's lovely! The special touches add so much to it, too, love it. Joanie

  8. Lovely! I never tire of looking at the Welbeck pieces. I think I actually have a similar plate to the one with roses and a pink edge behind the cup and saucer tower. Your trolley is like looking at one of those I Spy books!


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