Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The "Abundant Blessings" teapot

Holiday decorations are so much fun because we use them for a short while, put them up, and then it's almost like reopening a present when we discover them again each year! One of the items I'm decorating with this Thanksgiving season is a teapot I won in a fabulous giveaway from Bernideen back in 2009, some six years ago now. I actually won a boatload of goodies in that giveaway (some of them long since eaten or sipped), but the teapot is the piece that most reminds me of that generous giveaway and my good fortune in winning!

I love the corn, grapes, cherries, pumpkin, and pears on this teapot. The colors are earthy yet cheerful, and I plan to use this when entertaining with family who will start arriving this weekend!

I thought it fitting that the teapot itself says "Abundant Blessings," and I was reminded of all the blessings I have received thanks to teatime, including the wonderful fellow tea lovers I've met through a shared love of tea! I'm grateful for meaningful teatimes I've been able to experience with family and friends, and I'm grateful that tea is what they call a "cheap luxury" (per cup, it's one of the best deals around!). I'm also grateful that the accoutrements of teatime are such beautiful pieces, adding so much loveliness to our lives. What "tea blessings" are you grateful for?


  1. Love the teapot, and your list of blessings is right on!

  2. I saw this picture and something "felt" familiar about it! Now I see why. Glad you are still enjoying it. I have so much to be thankful for - like the old gospel song "Count Your Many Blessings and see what God hath done"!

  3. Oh what a sweet post! And your bountiful harvest teapot is gorgeous - what a generous and swet giveaway from our dear tea friend/sister Bernideen! (By the way did you see all her SNOW she posted about?)

    I count my blessings and there are so many, and one of the best ones are the friendships made through tea- both with my tea society sisters and through blogging, as in good friends like you for starters. ♥♥♥

  4. Some of my wonderful blessings are from the kindred spirits I have met through tea.

  5. What a lovely win from Bernideen.
    Tea Blessing, hummm? I guess that I have some really good teas in my cupboard right now and enjoying the choice each day.

  6. Lovely pot. As for tea blessings I suppose the tea in the pantry counts.


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