Wednesday, November 25, 2015

"A Cup & Author Afternoon" with a tea tasting is December 6 in Moreland!

So far I had not heard about any local Christmas events involving teatime, but then this week, my former colleague Winston Skinner contacted me about a new event he is involved with and asked me to help spread the word, which I am only too happy to do!

The Moreland Cultural Arts Alliance will host "A Cup & Author Afternoon" on Sunday, December 6, at the Historic Moreland Mill in Moreland. The line on this flyer that most caught my eye was "Tea Tasting," of course. I was intrigued that it said, "Relax & Savor 5 Yummy Holiday Teas," and the $10 price sounds wonderful. I was curious when I saw a mention of the Georgia Tea Company, a company I've never heard of, and I looked it up and learned it's a less than two-year-old online company based in neighboring Moreland! I'm very eager to try their teas at the Cup & Author Afternoon, and I'm also tempted by the "Authors and Artists Market" where "Pretty Tea Things" are going to be available. Who doesn't love "pretty tea things," after all!

A girlfriend and I are already planning to go, so if some of you local tea friends decide to attend as well, I'll see you there! For more information, visit morelandadventure.com

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  1. That looks like great fun! I'll have to check on where Moreland is but I think it is too far for me to get there, much as I would love to. Will look forward to reading about it here.


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