Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Lady Lipton Tea

Recently I came across a new-to-me blend from Lipton, their Lady Lipton Tea flavored with "bergamot and citrus." I'm a bit puzzled by that description since my understanding is that bergamot IS a citrus.

Quite a few tea companies seem to be changing their packaging these days, and I think this one looks like a throwback to the 1970s. I can just see this woman in a Virginia Slims ad, and I'm curious who this is supposed to appeal to. (I bought Lady Lipton because I liked the name of the tea and wanted to give it a try, not because I  particularly liked the look of the package.)

And am I detecting a pattern with the message here? Irresistible Lady Lipton … affair … and then…

Flirt with more flavor? I don't want to have an affair with my tea, I just want to drink it, thank you very much! But enough of all that. So how does it taste, you ask? I  tried this tea at several different steeping times, trying to find one that worked for me, but each time I found this tea a bit weak, and I much prefer Lady Grey from Twinings. Have any of you tried this tea yet? If so, what did you think? (And even if you haven't, I'm curious: do you like the package design?)


  1. I've never understood the need to try to 'sex' things up for consumers. You will either try it and keep buying the product or try it and never buy it again.
    But, I'm old fashioned, not given to the lack of decorum so often seen these days. One of the few, I suppose.
    Shari Harniss
    Houston, TX

  2. The color of the package is eye catching (I do like hot pink!) but the taste of the tea is what makes for repeat customers. I like Earl Gray and Lady Gray teas so if I had not read your review I might have tried this one, but now I doubt that I will. I'm not crazy about the "affair" and "flirt" images at all.

  3. I have never tried it and not sure what demographic they are trying to attract. The name and packaging don't work together.

  4. That packaging looks like it is a feminine product package.Also ,what do you think of the new Celestial Seasonings boxes?I am guessing they are going for the "updated,clean" look. I think it is bleh.It loses all the coziness of their products.
    Too bad that the tea is weak. It sounds like it has the potential to be tasty.Andrea

  5. The packaging doesn't appeal to me at all. I'd pass it up on the grocery shelves and reach for Twinings.

  6. Actually the packaging is intriguing and I would be tempted by it, but not by the tea. I will skip it, thank you!

  7. I've not tried this tea. Your description brought a smile to my face. I like the color but the package reminds me of femine products.


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